Finishing and Framing Sanctuary

Finishing and Framing Sanctuary

I have several pieces that need to be finished and framed in some manner. It would be handy if I always followed the same procedure but many times I like to show organic edges but my recent piece Sanctuary wasn’t going to work out well framed that way. I needed to crop it and then frame it. It is very thick as it has several layers of felt appliqued to felt. And I didn’t want it to stretch out of shape while I was sewing the edges.

I marked the edges first trying to keep everything square. You can see faint lines around the edges where I marked the line I was going to machine stitch. By machine stitching, I could hold all the layers together as some of the hand stitched edges were going to end up being cut away.

I stitched with a dark brown thread and followed my line. I stitched over it twice to make sure everything was holding together. To keep it even and straight, I added a heavy interfacing to the back and pinned it all together before stitching.

Once it was stitched around the edge, I trimmed off the excess with a rotary cutter. As you can see, I didn’t quite get the top edge straight. But it will have to do 🙂

Then I zigzag stitched all around the edge a couple of times. There were a few white bits of felt sticking out and I fixed that with the appropriate colored Sharpie marker. Now to mount it on a canvas or in a frame.

I could put it in this frame with a white mat but I feel that the white is a little bit too stark and it would look better with a slightly darker mat board. Or on a lovely piece of fabric that I don’t seem to have. I definitely need to dye some cotton fabric backgrounds for several pieces now.

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  1. This piece is really looking good. I love all the layers. I agree that the white mat is quite stark and a different colour would make all your lovely work ‘pop’. I look forward to seeing how this work finally turns out.

    1. Thanks Carol! I am planning on dyeing fabric soon for several pieces that need backgrounds/matts for framing. I will show them when I get them completed.

  2. It’s looking fabulous Ruth. Yes, a lovely piece of cloth instead of the white board would be good. We struggle with framing/finishing too because we never make the same size or shape twice!

    1. Thanks Lyn! I keep thinking that I will start making pieces in a uniform size but it never happens. Especially since I’m on this kick of using stuff up, it seems that pieces are all kinds of sizes and shapes.

  3. It looks great all trimmed up. the white is a bit stark but what about some tea dyed fabric. It would go with the organic feel of the piece. I never do the right size either Lyn. Even when I plan it ends up the wrong size. Makes our pieces unique.

  4. Agree with everyone about the white – too stark. My art teacher husband mounts my work as he has a real eye for getting the pieces straight and squared. We generally use hand cut over mounts as we prefer crisp edges and use the process to “frame” pieces within larger works which can be cut out, mounted and framed. Love the layering in this one.

  5. I wouldn’t have thought of a piece of fabric for the background, but that’s a great idea, epecially since you dye fabric so well 🙂

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