Mindless and Ugly

Mindless and Ugly

We made some ‘mindless’ pieces at the Well Being Centre this week. They’re basically pieces without any planning whatsoever, we just grab some wool tops, start the layout, start nattering and just ‘mindlessly’ grab some embellishments and start adding them until we feel like we’ve finished 🙂 The weather hasn’t been great for taking photos, today it was so windy the clouds were covering and uncovering the sun so quickly it seemed like it was flashing! This is the full piece that I made:

I turned it 90 degrees to get an angled shot, it seemed to show off the different fibres better that way, which is good because most of the close ups were blurry:

This is some Nylon staple I dyed, it kind of has a ‘wet’ look when it isn’t fluffed up/teased apart much:

This is some viscose fibre and black viscose top:

I was thinking about Lyn’s first quarter landscape Challenge. I’ve always liked taking photos, especially interesting landscape ones. I was thinking of looking through my photos to find a really nice one, but when I struggled to take photos today, I thought I’d try and take some inspiration photos while I was out. The only problem being, I was going to a retail park. But that made me wonder if an ‘ugly landscape’ could be inspiration too! This was the view when I got off the bus:

I zoomed into the glass/mirrored buildings:

This was the retail park:

The clouds were impressive as I was leaving, dark and moody one way:

And a bit brighter and fluffier the other:

I’m not sure the retail park has inspired me much, but it’s got me thinking outside the box a bit! How are you getting on withthe first quarter challenge?

10 thoughts on “Mindless and Ugly

  1. Your mindless piece is very pretty! Must’ve been great to just go with it – no pressure and lots of fun.
    How are we getting on with challenge? Well, Annie’s done some sample pieces and I’ve had a few goes but it’s time to actually present something isn’t it? Thought it would be easy-peasy!

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      yeah, it’s always interesting to see how these come out compared to planned ones. And yeah, time’s ticking!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration to think outside the square and I love the colours in your mindless piece!

  3. Sometimes it works well doing something mindless. Your piece turned out nice. It says spring to me. The gloominess doesn’t help inspiration. We’ve had a lot of that lately. Today it’s cold again but sunny.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn 🙂
      We’ve had a lot of really sunny mornings, but I keep going to bed too late to make use of them!

  4. I really like the “mindless” piece. For some reason it reminds me of kites. I have a couple of starts on Nuno landscapes. Now need to add stitching.

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      it’s weird but it doesn’t remind me of anything, not the whole anyway!

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