Christmas Tea Cosy

Christmas Tea Cosy

Christmas tea cosy

There are lots of pretty things you can buy for the kitchen to use at Christmas, but where do you store them for the rest of the year?

So I decided to decorate my felted tea cosy for Christmas in a way that would be temporary, so that as soon as Christmas is over I can remove the embellishments.

I made my felted tea-cosy in 2008 and it’s still in daily use but only one side ever gets seen whether it’s on the tea-pot or hanging on the kitchen wall…

tea cosy in kitchen

…so I decorated the reverse side and that’s the side that will show during the festive season.

After much pencil-end chewing I drew a rough design then, because I find proper drawing difficult, I searched the internet for a free-to-use outline of a deer.

It’s extremely difficult to draw a complicated shape directly onto felt, and freehand cutting a deer out is beyond me.  Luckily there is an easy way using freezer paper.

I reversed the outline then traced it onto the paper side of a piece of freezer paper, then placed it, waxy side down onto a small, thin piece of white fulled felt.  I ironed the freezer paper onto the felt (1-2 minutes with a medium dry iron) then let it cool for half an hour.

freezer paper ironed onto felt

I won’t lie to you – cutting the white felt to the outline of the deer was very fiddly and I nearly lost some of the antler.  Next time I’ll choose something simpler!  Holding my breath, I carefully removed the freezer paper.

I put a felting mat inside the tea cosy then I used a felting needle to ‘tack’ the white deer in place.  I should mention that my tea cosy is a chunky thing – it’s thick and therefore easy to work on.  I didn’t go too near the edges of the silhouette for fear of splitting the white felt – even so the antler still went a bit wonky – so although tacking the deer shape in place would be ok for art work it wouldn’t survive long on a working tea cosy!

tacking with felting needle

The snowflakes are just wisps of white merino wool fibres loosely needle felted in.


The snowy ‘ground’ is fancy yarn. I used white thread to hold it in place – a small stitch every inch.

fancy yarn looks like snowflakes

I liked all the blue and white but a small colour accent was needed so I cut a piece of Christmas ribbon to make a collar and attached it to the white felt with fabric glue.

When I’d finished I could see that I just had to make a new hanging hook the same colour as the tea cosy, so I knitted an i-cord from some sparkly crochet cotton.


All the embellishments are easily removable after Christmas.  The deer can be peeled off, the snowflakes popped out, the yarn unstitched and the forgiving felt will smooth itself out with a bit of gentle rubbing.

But I’ll keep the sparkly hanging hook – it looks good with the other side of the tea cosy!

20 thoughts on “Christmas Tea Cosy

  1. Your tea cosy is fantastic, very festive. What a clever idea to make it ‘temporary’ but sacrilege at the same time to destroy it!

  2. Thank you Antje. I know that I will have a little ‘wobble’ as I start to remove the embellishments – but then I’ll have a blank canvas for next year!

  3. Thank you Marilyn – it did help me feel festive!
    We both hope you have a good Christmas and best wishes for 2019.

  4. Great idea for changing decor on your tea cosy. Perhaps you could use some kind of hook and loop system (velcro) since it would probably stick to the felt. Then it would be like those play felt boards that kids had in the past where they made different pictures. Then you could have all different holidays to celebrate 😉 Or not…

    1. What a good idea Ruth! It really would be like the ‘fuzzy felt’ that I played with as a child. Maybe that’s where my love of textiles came from?

  5. Great idea and beautifully executed. I loved fuzzy felts too. One of the funniest things I ever heard was a couple of years ago it was reported that a there was a little hand written advert in a shop window offering “for sale: nativity scene in fuzzy felt. Please note, due to a shortage of shapes one of the wise men has been replaced by a tractor”. I so hope that’s true!

  6. Oh Lindsay that’s so funny and so eccentric that it probably is true!
    I played with the fuzzy felt so much that it became non-fuzzy and wouldn’t stick any more. If only I’d had a felting needle at that time ……

  7. This is a wonderful idea Lyn, and a great design. I like how your mind works, to make something temporary rather than have two. I guess it is no different to taking the decorations down at the end of the festivities!, never heard of it happening to a tea cosy though 🙂 Merry Christmas and a peaceful, creative New Year to you all.

    1. Thank you Tracey. I use mundane household chore time to let my mind wander in the hope of coming up with felty ideas. Most don’t survive the prototype stage but a few grow into satisfying projects.
      I made my tea cosy back in the day when I had a lot of energy and it’s thick enough to keep the pot warm for a week! But that does mean I can ‘play’ with it and no harm done – the temporary embellishment will come off and leave no mark.
      Here’s to a happy, creative 2019 to all of us!

  8. A Great tea cozy idea. I am with Ruth you could do one for each holiday. Valentines in next and then St Pats and Easter. I am full of good ideas for other people to do. 😉

    1. Thank you Zed – it is tricky because felt doesn’t cut as easily as paper does it?

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