British Wool Show 2018

British Wool Show 2018

I recently attended a wool show in Murton, York UK.  It is a considerably smaller show than Woolfest that I blogged about here a while ago.

I attended this show two years ago, but last year it was moved to Thirsk in Yorkshire so I didn’t go as I didn’t think it warranted the travel.  This year it was back close to where I live, so I decided to bowl along.

Looking at the website I think I counted around 50 stalls, including some of the usual fibre providers such as Adelaide Walker and The Threshing Barn.

I took quite a few pics for you all again.  I always asked if I could take a photo, saying it was for a blog for this forum and they all seemed surprised but pleased!

First off let me show you this very distinctive lady – she had felted horns on her head in the form of a headband and when I started chatting I realised her rather fetching bright red specs were indeed one round one, and one square!!  I think she looked fab!


Someone who does not take herself too seriously I would imagine, especially when you learn that her site is called Felting Bonkers!  Here is some of the work on her stall, some of it was hers and some belonged to two other ladies.  I loved this fox and rabbit.








Then I just meandered around taking pics for you all.  There were some nice wall hangings.




Plenty of purchasing opportunities.








Only a few livestock at this show.


I liked these pom poms in a milk churn.


I left with a few goodies, well you have to really don’t you?! I think I did the whole show in an hour, compared to Woolfest in about 6-7 hours, but it is nice to support the smaller shows too, because if we don’t, we run the risk of losing them.

Which and where are your favourite shows?

16 thoughts on “British Wool Show 2018

    1. Hi Pat, thank you. I am assuming you are in the UK, I just typed into Google ‘Wool shows UK 2019’ and a few popped up.

  1. Nice blog Tracey. I absolutely love the hare in the fancy coat – I can’t decide whether I most want the hare or a bigger version of the coat!

    1. Thanks very much Lindsay. I have just looked back at the hare and I would definitely go for a bigger version of the coat!! Nice! 🙂

  2. There’s Bettina! She’s the lady you photographed on the spinning wheel 🙂 I recognised her fibre even before I saw her. Yes, the world of fibre is so niche that it’s easy to see someone you know on a blog post 😀 She’s a member of my guild and a lovely person.

    I hope you had fun, Tracey! Next time you need to show you all the pretties you bought…

    1. Ha ha! do you know! I saw this lady on your site and thought ‘she looks like the lady on my blog’! then I could not find her on your site again for some reason, small world but you wouldn’t want to paint it!! 😉 Yes sorry for not showing you the latest addition to my stash, remiss of me for sparing the eye candy to fellow fibre addicts x

    1. Thank you both! I honed in on some really beautiful autumnal coloured curly lock, really special, and some were incorporated in a picture that I sold at the weekend, so extra happy!

    1. Thanks Ruth, yes just like with most things, if they are not supported then we run the risk of losing them

    1. You are welcome Marilyn. This one is really close to me, so it is easy to go along and take a look.

  3. What a nice looking show. I have a few that are local to me. they are big by our standard but nothing compared to the big ones in the USA. I like to seek out the smaller vendors that don’t travel to all the shows. The finished pieces are always inspirational. I agree it was wrong of you not to show your new stash. 😉

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