Stitching Fossils Piece

Stitching Fossils Piece

The last time I posted, I showed you my piece that I started for the 4th Quarter Challenge that included twists, tubes and hand spun yarn.

Here’s what it looked like after felting. I started hand stitching and used some very simple stitches including stem stitch and straight stitches.

Here’s the piece after adding the dark stem stitch around the tubes. I also added some “white” marks across the “fossils”. The white is really a light almost peach color that is on the bottom right side of the photo. These are the various wool threads that I am using to embellish the piece.

Here’s a few more views, you click on the photos to see a larger version. I decided that the yellow-orange seemed a bit too much so I wanted to tone it down just a bit. I added blue-green stitching over the yellow-orange and added some of the yellow-orange to the background to move the color around in other places.

So here it is again after adding the yellow-orange and blue-green. I am now adding more colors into the background to give a mixture of the colors into the background. I enjoy hand stitching into felt and this has been a relaxing project. Do you like to hand stitch on felt? If so, what are your favorite stitches to add?

12 thoughts on “Stitching Fossils Piece

  1. I’ve just expanded your photos, which really shows the lovely piece and it’s depth of colour. It definitely has a fossil flavour. I like the horizontal peach stitches they help balance the piece with all the verticals.

    I too enjoy stitching into felt….I’m a ‘neat-nik’ by nature so it’s great not having to worry about how tidy the back is as they all disappear! In terms of stitches I go through phases but a recurring one for me is feather stitch.

    1. Thanks Antje! Yes, the piece did need some horizontal lines, didn’t it? Feather stitches are great, I will have to remember to use that stitch more often.

  2. Oh yes Ruth, hand-stitching is very relaxing and felt is so pleasant to work with. The light peach colour stitches are extremely effective and the whole piece has come to life.

  3. Beautiful! The stitching really did add depth and texture. I wish I were that confident with stitching.

    1. Thanks Marilyn! Stitching is like anything else, you just have to keep at it. The more you do, the better you are at it.

  4. the stitching really adds a lot of depth to the piece Ruth. I love French knots but then I like to add sheep to pictures. I just did a class with Moy McKay and now want to go take some landscape pictures to work on over the winter.

    1. Thanks Ann! I like French knots too. Such fun to add in abundance to a piece. I bet the Moy McKay class was fun and landscapes are my favorite 😉

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