4th Quarter Challenge Sample

4th Quarter Challenge Sample

I thought I’d try an idea out for the 4th Quarter Challenge. The basic idea was to use wool tubes with fabric, some under, and some over. Because they are quite thin and hollow, I thought they probably wouldn’t have much effect on the fabric, other than visual. I did use a couple of wool twists too. This is the finished piece:

When I’d rinsed it and squeezed the water out, I didn’t roll it in a towel or try to flatten/smooth it, like I usually do, I wanted to keep the texture. You can see it from this angle:

And this one:

This is a strip of cotton gauze:

This is some synthetic chiffon. I’m guessing I used twists under this piece because there seems to be more of an effect:

The close up photos of the silk strip didn’t turn out, but here’s where silk, cotton gauze and silk taffeta all meet:

This is a close up of the Silk Taffeta, I used twists over and under this:

I used some heavier synthetic chiffon. I know this fabric doesn’t attach very firmly, but I like to use it because it does ripple nicely and looks good:

I love my camera! I can see inside the ripple here:

It’s given me a better idea of what I might do on a bigger piece. How are your ideas coming?

10 thoughts on “4th Quarter Challenge Sample

  1. That’s a fun idea Zed, adding nuno to the equation. I hadn’t thought of that but I am adding stitching to my piece and I’m thinking of doing a landscape with tubes and twists. We’ll see where that leads.

    1. Thanks, Ruth πŸ™‚ I thought about a landscape too, but I’ve used tubes in a landscape before, so will have to think of making it more of a challenge.

    1. Thanks, Lyn πŸ™‚
      Hopefully it will last a while, apparently supermacro isn’t a common thing on cameras now πŸ™

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