Pieces For Greetings Cards

Pieces For Greetings Cards

It seems like we’ve not had any well-being centre felting sessions for ages. We meet up on a Monday so we lose days when we have a bank holiday; the reception had a bit of a weekend make-over too so was closed one Monday after and August being popular for gigs and festivals has meant less attendance and cancellations too. So, I was feeling a bit impatient to be creative this week. I could have made something with the strips I pieced together last week, but I wanted something a bit more ‘instant’! I need to make some more greetings cards, so thought making pieces for those would be a good way to be productive. This is the first one:

I stuck to Blues and Greens because it’s so messy and fibres/threads get everywhere. This is the 2nd one:

These next two are two halves of one piece I made. I thought it made sense to make a longer one and cut in half. I also made these more green:

I like the blue offcut with cotton nepps on this piece, it was left over from the piece I turned into a notebook cover not too long ago:

They all look very similar when they’re all togther. So, for something a bit different, here’s a piece of nuno I made earlier this year. I used a piece from a silk scarf I got at a charity shop. I think I planned to make a coin purse out of it:

Close Up:

Do you have any ‘quick + easy’ projects for when you want to feel productive and accomplish something?

12 thoughts on “Pieces For Greetings Cards

  1. These are great Zed. Cards are a good idea for an easier project. Somehow I always start to make things over complicated and ‘easy’ projects seem to get drawn out really quickly into something that takes ages to finish.

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      Yeah, same here. I have so many projects part done at various different stages because I move onto something else.

  2. Loving the blues and greens, Zed! How will these be turned into greeting cards? Sorry, never made any 🙂
    As for “quick and easy” projects, I’m currently making wool dreadlocks for myself – I wouldn’t call it quick exactly, but it’s very easy because it’s mindless work and I think it’s fun!

    1. Thanks, Leonor 🙂
      I use those tri-fold cards, sew these pieces onto the middle section, then the outside folds in and hides the stitching etc. I had fun when I made a load of cords, not on the same scale as dreads, but rewarding and mindless like you say 🙂

  3. The blues and greens will make great card toppers Zed – you made a lovely job of putting the pieces together.
    I love the colour of the nuno – you have to use it – would be criminal not to.

    1. Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      I’ll deffo use the nuno, I’m just not into purses right now. I made a few for the craft fair and still have a few cut out to be sewn together!

  4. I make coasters for mugs or wine glasses and attach them to greeting cards using those little glue dots. That way the person receiving the card has something useful to keep, and a nice little piece of artwork to boot.

    1. Great Idea, Frances 🙂
      I’ve thought of doing a similar thing with Brooches.

  5. Love the colors and nice idea to turn them into cards. I like the trifold idea. I also like Frances’ idea of coasters for cards.

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