Sunset at the Lake

Sunset at the Lake

Here’s another one of the nuno felt pieces I made in April.

This one was originally supposed to go this way with the silk at the top being the sky.

But then I decided to turn it into a sunset and this orientation worked better for that. So the silk became the lake.

I added some tree shapes in hand dyed cheese cloth.

Then ironed those down with fusible. The fusible keeps them in place when free motion machine stitching and prevents the foot from catching on the loose pieces and moving them around.

I then added machine stitching to the trees, made shadows on to the lake and created the sunset. I also added a few lines to the water to make it look a bit more lake like. I used a variety of thread colors especially in the sunset.

Here is the result and better than I expected. About halfway through the sunset, I thought it was going to look terrible but I pushed on through and it worked. I wish the sun wasn’t so near the center of the piece but I do think it looks better when it is cropped and I can change the cropping if I really want to cut a little bit more off the right edge. I have two more of these to go and then I need to get them all framed. The set of 6 will be shown in an exhibition in September.



23 thoughts on “Sunset at the Lake

  1. That’s wonderful Ruth. I admire your ability to see the potential and work on it to create something special.

  2. Really beautiful. You have a great eye for what the finished piece could become.

  3. Lovely composition and vibrant colours. I think they will look great in an exhibition together – please post a group shot when you get to that stage.

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I will definitely post photos of when they are framed and the exhibition which is in September.

  4. A wow from me too Ruth, I love it. A beautiful transformation, every bit is fab!

  5. Wow! You really do have a great eye, Ruth! It looks meticulously planned. I think it works well without cropping too.

    1. Thanks Zed! Actually I talked to the framer and he is recommending organic edges on a background fabric and then framed. We’ll see how it looks.

  6. Stunning work. The colours are very evocative of a beautiful sunset. I can just imagine the scene – watching as the sun finally disappears below the horizon and trees….very peaceful.
    Looking forward to seeing the companion pieces.

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