Nuno Felting

Nuno Felting

When I read this week that the second quarter challenge is to be Nuno Felting I thought I would share the first of the few Nuno projects I have done so far.  I say “few” because although I trawl the charity shops for silk and chiffon scarves on a regular basis most of them still reside in the plastic box under my table!  I’ve actually done very little with them so this next challenge should see some of these lovely fabrics being put to good use!

My introduction to Nuno Felting was in 2016 when I attended a workshop at Artvango with a lovely feltmaker called Clare Bullock.  Rather than taking the easy route (silk, muslin etc) we had been encouraged to try a wide variety of fabrics, some of which were going to need a lot of coaxing to get the fibres to migrate through.  Clare kept a watchful eye on us to ensure we weren’t taking any shortcuts which meant everyone’s samples were successful.  By the end of the workshop I took home five pieces of work incorporating a variety of fabrics including fine cottons, viscose, silks, wool and polyester.

Fabrics prior to fulling
Fulling complete


It seemed a lot of work at the time but there was something magical about seeing the textures emerging as the wool shrinks and I just loved the texture from the green woollen shawl…pity I didn’t get a “before” picture of the green/blue fabrics.

I came across the orange and the green/blue samples again when I was having a tidy up last year and decided, rather than putting them back in the drawer, to add some very simple stitching and frame them as landscapes.

Since then I’ve made several Nuno scarves but not really taken the time to be experimental with Nuno……this next challenge should provide the inspiration I need to have a play!

13 thoughts on “Nuno Felting

  1. Perfect timing Karen! I love your landscapes, they are gorgeous. Such beautiful colors and the stitching really completes them. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

  2. I have seen these lovely landscapes on your site and I cannot decide which one I love the best because they are both gorgeous. I really like the stitching. The second one looks a little Monetesque.

  3. Beautiful colors and textures Karen! Nuno can be so magical. The stitching is wonderful on the landscapes.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I’ve also had a far from magical result with one of my scarves but I will save that for another post to show how things don’t always turn out so good!!

  4. The landscapes are wonderful! What a lovely variety of textures you achieved with the samples.

    You’re not in a ‘club of one’ with regard to buying far more charity shop fabric than you’ll ever be able to use – Annie and I added another 6 scarves to our stash this morning!

    1. That made me smile Lynn! A friend of mine buys so many of them that she has to sneak them past her husband who is seriously concerned about her hoarding habit!

  5. I am glad you like this quarters challenge. Your pieces turned out lovely. It is nice to see the before as well as the after stitching. Practicing my machine embroidery is still on my list of things to do.

    1. Thanks Ann. I found free motion embroidery so much more enjoyable after buying a large open toe foot… made it far easier to see what I was doing.

  6. They all look great, Karen! I love the stitching you added, I wish I had the ability to see how pieces can be transformed like that!

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