Hubby’s Christmas Present

Hubby’s Christmas Present

If you have been following my blogging progress since I began, I have made quite a few pair of felted slippers for my husband. He wears them out at a very fast rate. I’m not really sure why my slippers last so much longer than his. He needed a new pair so I decided that would be a good Christmas present. Unfortunately, I didn’t start working on them until December 22nd so they didn’t quite get finished.

The template/resist that I used was again one that was originally shown here in a guest post from Nada.  I think that Nada no longer uses this template when making slippers but I really like the way the heel works on this one. I have two shapes here because I have made these for my husband before. The one on the right is the shape I used originally. The slippers turned out too wide and almost too short. I made this pair a couple of years ago and I had forgotten the finer points of how the heel works on this slipper after being cut. So I was just thinking that I needed to make the template longer and more narrow. So I used the template on the left. I was in such a rush to get these done that I didn’t take any felting photos at all. Sorry!

So here are the finished slippers. The new template did give me a better size that fit better for my husband’s feet but there was definitely an issue with the heel. Because I made the heel in the template so long and narrow, it ended up with an extra round part on the bottom of the heel. You can see it slightly in the right hand photo on the bottom slipper a little extra lump there at the heel.

Hopefully, you can see it a little better here from the bottom. I had to really work this area to shrink down the extra felt in that area. It actually gives a better cushion to the heel which isn’t bad, but the next time, I need to remember that the heel on the template should be much more wide and rounded.

I think this is the shape I would use next time. Or maybe even a bit less distance between the “ears” and the end of the heel. Do take a look at Nada’s tutorial if you’re interested in making a pair. I am still waiting for the leather bottoms for hubby’s slippers which I will stitch in place. He was very excited to get them and was really appreciate of my efforts – always nice to have a happy recipient of hand made gifts.

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  1. They are great Ruth. How about asking him to not be so heavy footed so they last longer ! 😉

    1. Thanks Tracey, I have tried that and pointed out that mine last at least twice as long as his but to no effect. 😉

  2. Hi. I am a felt slipper maker also. I have recently used this type of template and had to make a few adjustments too. I like this shape for men’s slippers. My husband wears his slippers out faster than me. I need to make him a new pair before our winter. I look forward to following your blog.

    1. Thanks Melanie, I only make slippers for myself, my husband and an occasional family member. So I seem to get out of practice. Must be a man thing with wearing out slippers, right?

      Thanks for following our blog, you are welcome to join us over on our free forum to share your work, ask questions and interact with our worldwide felting community.

  3. Maybe the next step is to consider making hubbys slippers from different materials… adding some mohair or silk for extra strength? I’m not much of a felter but it seems like a good variable to consider for next time around. In addition to the fit issue of course.

    1. Thanks Carlene for the suggestions. The last time I added cheesecloth in the center of the layers and on the tops. Not sure this made much difference but I’ll see since I didn’t use it this time.

  4. I, too, used Nada’s tutorial and combined it with another one to learn how to make a pair of slippers for myself. I really like the shape of them and how comfortable they are. I am planning on making another pair this summer.
    I traced my feet before I added the ears to the resist. The process worked well for me.
    Nice job on your slippers!

    1. Thanks Deb, I originally traced his feet for the first set that didn’t fit as well. It just needed a little tweaking for me.

  5. They look really comfy. I’m sure he’ll love them to death like the others. 😉

  6. They look great Ruth. I need to make myself a pair, maybe my next project. Get me back in practice before taking on my boots again. What kind of wool are you using?

  7. Lucky hubby! It took me a while to work out why the ear resist had bits sticking out – the other resists I’ve seen and used have either been foot shaped or boot shaped. Very interesting!

    1. Thanks Kim, yes, he feels very lucky right now 🙂 I have used both kinds and I actually like how this makes the heel. As long as I remember to not make the heel part too narrow next time.

  8. Ooh, they look so soft and comfy! I still can’t work out how the shape works! Where do you cut and what does each part become?

    1. Thanks Zed, he’s loving them. I got the leather bottoms sewn on and he’s really happy. You cut from “ear to ear” in a diagonal line. The long end is the toes and the back end forms the heel. You can see the diagonal line on the slippers in the view looking down from above.

    2. That’s what I thought from looking at yours, but I think I’d have to try it to really get it!

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