Finishing and Hanging

Finishing and Hanging

There had been some discussion about how to frame my Hummingbird picture I blogged about here:

Shadow boxes seemed to be the popular vote, so I bought a deep shadow box.  I didn’t have many choices because of the size 10 x13″ (25 x 33 cm)

But when I got it home and took it apart I didn’t realized the glass couldn’t be removed without breaking it.  Plus I didn’t like the color of the frame next to the picture.  So, I decided to return it.

I found another regular frame in gold that I liked.  It’s hard to see in these photos.  But I liked the way it showed off the dimension no matter what angle you see it from.  I first hung it on a dark green wall.

But it’s home is now in the kitchen between two windows on a teal wall.  I’m sorry the camera doesn’t pick up the actual teal and gold colors.  It is really striking, plus it’s next to where I sit at the table.

Then I found a spot in the kitchen for my crocheted Starburst Potholder. Unfortunately, I also caught the shadows.

Lastly, I hung my “Red Dawn” that I had done in Ruth’s Free Motion Stitching Class.

It is on a dark green column in my dining room.  You probably noticed the rose color next to it which is the inside of the column next to it. So, I felt it pulls those two together.

Both Red Dawn and the potholder are hung with the Command Strips we’ve been discussing on the forum.

I have a huge pile of felt pictures I have done, but don’t know if they will ever get framed or hung.  I don’t think I have enough wall space in my home.  Although I do change things out occasionally.

What do you do with your creations?

16 thoughts on “Finishing and Hanging

  1. The frame is perfect for the bird and I like the way you’ve enhanced your walls with your pictures. I love to see handmade art in a home. If I had such a pretty potholder I would hope that the pot bottoms were always clean so that they wouldn’t spoil the crochet!

    My stuff gets displayed indoors for a while but when I fancy a change I usually donate the stuff I don’t want anymore to charity shops.
    Sometimes I regret giving pieces away and wish I’d just stored them.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I am very pleased with these three pieces. I haven’t hung anything in a while, but have a whole pile waiting for something. I do have other pieces I’ve hung over the years and occasionally change it up, too. I have given a couple away, but I find it hard to part with things.

  2. I like the frame. What did you use as a backing? I have not used shadow boxes yet. I feel that the glass diminishes the texture and “look” of a felted piece. I sometimes hand tack my pieces to a pre-stretched canvas that I’ve painted or covered in fabric. I also use dowels or driftwood to suspend my pieces. I’d like to ask the members who use similar methods, not using glass, how you advise your customers to care for them? I usually just tell people to brush lightly with a soft brush and avoid direct sunlight. Thanks!

    1. Another tip you could give to potential customers Kathryn is a quick blast with the hairdryer! I would also not use glass. Located in a normal environment, I could not see felted pictures getting particularly dusty.

    2. Thanks Kathryn! I’ve never use glass. Like you, I usually use dowels or the command strips. This particular frame was off the shelf, so I just took out the glass and used the backing with hangers that came with the frame. I haven’t had a problem with collecting dust, but have read you can shake it out lightly or vacuum. But I think that would depend on well felted the piece is.

  3. Good to see your creations on display Marilyn, but good to ring the changes too.

    I have two pictures framed and on the wall, one is my very first vase of anemones, the other a cow parsley picture. I keep meaning to make myself a large beach/sea picture for a wall in the bathroom that is crying out for one.

    1. Thanks Tracey! I have a big wall in my bedroom that’s been calling for attention, but that will have to wait for the time being. I enjoy seeing my work around the house. I hope you can get your beach pic done and let us see it. Btw, my anemones are still sitting in a pile. 🙁

    1. You are welcome, I can only take the passing on credit, I read it on a felters Etsy site.

  4. Always hard to figure out how the best way is to frame things or display pieces. I just got 14 pieces ready to hang in an exhibit here and it was painful. I do like Lyn does and give stuff away that I no longer care for or is really old. I do try and sell work but it is not very fruitful.

    Your pieces look great hanging on the walls.

    1. Thanks Ruth! I can’t imagine facing 14 frames at once. Good for you getting it done! I’m sure at some point I’ll give more pieces away. But a lot of times they are reminders of what I learned doing them which can come in handy when presented new challenges.

  5. You did a great job of getting your art up on the wall! As with many artists, I have stacks of pieces in piles, some framed and some not. I found that when I exhibited, the events were a great incentive to get art work finished and mounted. I did use glass on one piece, which was a very delicate birch bark and felt creation. My brother admired it, and it is now hanging on his wall.
    Lots of my weavings and felted landscapes are hanging in my own home, and I do switch them from time to time.

  6. Thanks Cathy! I remember the bark piece. I’m glad your brother is enjoying it. I gave my sister the elephant piece I did since she loves elephants. I think as we develop our skills it’s nice to switch out pieces to be reminded of how far we’ve come.

  7. I like your teal wall, I think I always pick that one when you can’t decide where to put something 🙂 I think the gold shows up well there. The pot holder and Red Dawn look really nice too.
    I have a lot of my artwork hung up, but it’s mostly acrylics or oils. I have a couple of felt pieces up too, but my house is really dusty, maybe I should take them out and give them a shake!

    1. Thanks Zed! The only acrylic I have hanging up is the piece I did for our mixed media challenge years ago. I haven’t done much painting since high school. 🙂

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