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Finishing and Hanging

Finishing and Hanging

There had been some discussion about how to frame my Hummingbird picture I blogged about here:

Shadow boxes seemed to be the popular vote, so I bought a deep shadow box.  I didn’t have many choices because of the size 10 x13″ (25 x 33 cm)

But when I got it home and took it apart I didn’t realized the glass couldn’t be removed without breaking it.  Plus I didn’t like the color of the frame next to the picture.  So, I decided to return it.

I found another regular frame in gold that I liked.  It’s hard to see in these photos.  But I liked the way it showed off the dimension no matter what angle you see it from.  I first hung it on a dark green wall.

But it’s home is now in the kitchen between two windows on a teal wall.  I’m sorry the camera doesn’t pick up the actual teal and gold colors.  It is really striking, plus it’s next to where I sit at the table.

Then I found a spot in the kitchen for my crocheted Starburst Potholder. Unfortunately, I also caught the shadows.

Lastly, I hung my “Red Dawn” that I had done in Ruth’s Free Motion Stitching Class.

It is on a dark green column in my dining room.  You probably noticed the rose color next to it which is the inside of the column next to it. So, I felt it pulls those two together.

Both Red Dawn and the potholder are hung with the Command Strips we’ve been discussing on the forum.

I have a huge pile of felt pictures I have done, but don’t know if they will ever get framed or hung.  I don’t think I have enough wall space in my home.  Although I do change things out occasionally.

What do you do with your creations?

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