More Crochet Adventures

More Crochet Adventures

I took up Lyn’s challenge to crochet a wool bowl then felt it.  I got as far as making a small bowl.  I haven’t had time to felt it yet, but will show you the results when I do.  It’s a little floppy now, but should be firmer after felting.

Then I’ve continued to try new stitches.  Here is the Box stitch which is alike on both sides.

The Crocodile Scale stitch was a bit of a challenge but  definitely has interesting dimension.  It looks like little tongues or leaves, too.

Of course, I had to try a hexagon, this one has a flower center.

Spring is finally here in the Midwest, so I couldn’t resist the Tulip stitch.  Here it is in one color.


Then I tried another Tulip stitch and learned how to change colors. It looks entirely different. I decided to finish it with the same stitching as the bottom.


Here is the back.

The front really looks like like mini tulips.

My sister Carol’s ewe Dusty recently had a new lamb.  13 lbs. 12 oz!

Happy Spring! (For those of you that are experiencing it now.)

12 thoughts on “More Crochet Adventures

  1. Wow – love the bowl and can’t wait to see it fulled. The colour is great on its own, but if you made another, could it be interesting to add decorative stitching to it, pre-fulling, with 100% wool yarn and a big needle?
    I really like the crocodile stitch and the variegated colours on the tulip stitch are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Lyn! The bowl is only about 3 inches high. I’m not sure how much of a design I could put on it.

      I was pleased with the tulip stitch with the colors. The crocodile was definitely a challenge, but looks fun.

  2. The felted bowl should turn out great. My friend does those in knitting and they are quite popular. They get really firm when fulled. Are you going to throw it in the washing machine? Love the tulips, great job.

    1. Thanks Ruth! I had planned to full it by hand since it’s so small. I don’t usually use a hot wash for anything alhtough a warm wash may be good enough. I can try that.

    1. Thanks for checking in Joan. The bowl was wool, all the others were acrylic medium weight. If you have a specific one you’d like to know about the hook size, I’ll try to find out what I used.

    2. Hi Joan, this was my first time felting a crocheted bowl. I appreciate your insight and suggestions. If I do it again, I’ll definitely take your advice. Thanks!

  3. I used Patons worsted wool with a 5 mm hook. I hope that helps. I think I had just googled making a bowl. The color was Jade Heather. The bowl is only about 4 inches across and two inches high. You could make one bigger with a heavier yarn and bigger hook. Just use the suggested hook on the package. If you make one, let us know how it goes. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

    1. The reason why your bowl didn’t felt is because you didn’t give the yarn room to move. I’ve done a lot of felting with yarn….both knitted and crocheted. If you knit, you have to make it 30% larger than the size you want it, a little bit smaller for crocheting because when you crochet the stitches twist so they won’t’ shrink as much. If you try the bowl again I would suggest using at least a 9mm or 10mm hook and crocheting it so that it’s at least 5 inch to 5 1/2 inches across.

    2. I forgot to add that you have to use larger hook also to make looser stitches… 😉

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