Around the Web

Around the Web

We hope you’ll enjoy some of these links that we have found. You might have seen some of these artist’s work but it’s always nice to take another look. Enjoy!

Jane Mercer’s Naturally Dyed Felt Picture

Renata Felt Peacock

Felt Sculpture by Anna Gunnarsdottir

Bloomfelt Sculptures

Felted Pleasure by Marina Shkolnik

Janice Arnold’s Bespoke Felt

Shelley Jones Felt Sculpture and Jewelry

Beth Marx Nuno Felt Abstract Design with Prefelts

Felt Sculpture by Stephanie Metz

Combination of Felt and Shibori by Ulrike von Kutzleben-Hausen

Layered Felt by Yukako Sorai

Crocheted Basket from Recycled Plastic Bags by My Recycled Bags

Meredith Woolnough’s Embroidered Traceries

Creating Texture and Pattern from Stitch, an article from Textile Artist

And a little extra in the style of Marketplace Mondays.

Top Ten Tips for Approaching an Art Gallery by The Golden Hare

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  1. Thanks Ruth, yes I enjoyed them very much, especially Bloomfelt Sculptures and Shelley Jones, fabulous.

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