Some Inspiration and Fun from the Caribbean

Some Inspiration and Fun from the Caribbean

I’ve been traveling, so there has been no felting. However, I think there is plenty of inspiration while traveling.

We left out of Port Canveral, Florida, but before leaving we spent a day at NASA.  It may seem odd not to highlight all the missles, but I really enjoyed this:


First stop Amber Cove Dominican Republic.

Very colorful country, but poor.

The first pic depicts the consolidation of the cultural influences of the country, the Native Taino Indians, Spanish and French influence. Today the Rum and Cigar industry greatly influence the economics of this country besides tourism.

The next stop was St. Thomas. We chose to visit the Coral Reef Ocean Park.  I loved the textures of the corals. My sister and her husband chose the encounter with the turtles.  Galina, the Lionfish is for you!

Next stop Puerto Rico and the El Yunque National Rain Forest.

The last pic is bamboo, my favorite. I took another  pic while moving past and I like this one since it shows the speed of how this grass grows and dies.

We chose a stingray encounter on Grand Turk.

I really like the crackled look of the last two pics with the stingrays.  I wonder if I can recreate that in felt.

Would you believe people kissed the stingrays and had a stingray massage? I’m sorry I didn’t get pics of that. What inspiration have you had recently?

13 thoughts on “Some Inspiration and Fun from the Caribbean

    1. Thanks Cathy! It was fun and loved the warm weather and blue seas.

  1. Thanks Ruth! Although it’s not necessary to go to the Caribbean for inspiration it was a nice change from cold and snow.

    1. Thanks Ann! I’m back home now. But we obviously don’t have the bitter cold you have. It was a nice getaway. The colors and greenery is really beautiful. But it’s also nice to be home. 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed! Yes there was. Lush vegetation, vibrant flowers and deep blue seas. The different cultures and people were also inspirational.

  2. The Carribbean has the most beautiful, vivid colors–very inspirational for artists of any medium. I love color and truly appreciate the “lift” bright colors bring, but for some reason, I am drawn to the more muted landscapes and colors when it comes to creating felt. I dunno, it seems that the super bright Carribbean colors aren’t as useful for art and decoration, unless you have a beach themed home. This looks like it was a wonderful trip to chase the winter blues. It’s been a long winter–the unusual amount of snow (that was deep and STAYED FOR WEEKS), is going to be my inspiration for creating a few felt paintings. Glad you had a wonderful time–thanks for the pictures!

    1. Thanks Terri! Actually the Caribbean colors would be perfect for the Fauvism first quarter challenge. It’s was only a week in the Caribbean then a couple in Florida where it was cool, but better than Chicago. I hope you got your driveway cleared and that spring is on it’s way. I’m glad you enjoyed my pics.

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