Merry Christmas Everyone

Wow it is hard to believe it’s Christmas already. Seems like just yesterday we were complaining about the decorations being in the store to early.

I had two partners in the our holiday card exchange this year. Tricia sent me 2 lovely cards that arrived a few days ago.

card-2-from-tricia card-2-inside-from-tricia

card-1-from-tricia card-1-inside-from-tricia

Marilyn’s card arrived Friday just in time for Christmas. the picture doesn’t do it justice. the bow and wreath are both sparkly.


This is the card I sent to Marilyn

marilyns-card-1  marilyns-card-2

The card I sent to Tricia that has arrived just in time.

tricias-card tricias-card-close

Just one more that I made this year and sent to a friend.


§à§Ó§è§í §ª §Ö§Ý§Ü§Ñ 1

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11 Responses to Merry Christmas Everyone

  1. Merry Christmas to all, hopefully we have a good felting year coming !

  2. Ingeborg Monticello says:

    Merry Christmas and best wishes to all for the New Year!

  3. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    Thanks again Ann! Love all the cards. I can’t believe we’re moving into the NY. I hope everyone has a happy fibery NY!

  4. zedster66 says:

    Great cards, Ann, especially the sheep! 🙂

  5. Lyn says:

    Happy New Felting/Spinning/Knitting/Weaving/and-all-other-fibre-crafts for 2017.

  6. ruthlane says:

    Fleece Navidad!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the cards are wonderful.

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