A Parting Gift

A Parting Gift

My favorite physician is retiring this month and I wanted to give him a special parting gift.  So, what better than a good bottle of wine with a handmade cozy?

I had made a wine cozy/gift bag a while back, but the resist was just a bit off.  I took Lyn’s advice and straightened the lines and rounded the bottom slightly.


I made some Nuno prefelt for the leaves and rolled a variety of grapes in preparation.

20160227_145944 20160227_150157

I didn’t want to replicate the whole first design, so I decided to have the grapes hanging from an old worn fence.  Of course, I forgot to take pictures after I laid out the background and began adding the design elements.  My bad.

Unlike the first one I did using corriedale as the base, I used black prefelt.  Then added some light gray batts from my scarflette, a little mulberry silk and a darker gray for texture in the fence.    Then I added the grapes, leaves and vines and began rubbing.

Some of the vines and grapes were stubborn so I had to do a little needlefelting to fix them after the fulling.  Also I think because of the prefelt, there wasn’t as much shrinkage, so I had to keep fulling to get a good fit.

For the turnover top I used a little green batt on the inside and attached the leaf and vine.  I made a few holes and wove the vines through the top to tighten it slightly.

Again for the bottom, I took Lyn’s advice and bashed the heck out of the bottom to get the rounded shape I needed.  Thanks Lyn!

Here are some views and a close up.

20160301_164913 20160301_164901 20160301_164851 20160301_164926(0)


35 thoughts on “A Parting Gift

  1. Wow that’s fantastic. He’s one very lucky physician. Hope he appreciates all your hard work. Xx

  2. I t turned out wonderful. I love the texture of it all. To help with the bottom you need to make the whole bottom curved to give you the extra wool to make the bottom flat. like when you do a brimmed hat t bottom brim part is curved. I hope that makes sense.

    1. Thanks Ann! I did make it a more curved than the original. I’ve never made a hat, but I’ll keep the tip in mind. Thanks.

  3. I like the variegated purples on the grapes and the texture that the nuno process gave to the leaves. The hanging, curly, vine tendrils make it look very much like a gift – a bit like when you run scissors along shiny ribbon when you’ve tied up presents. The base colour is a good choice as it enhances the purples and greens. Can’t fault the shape, so I’d say it’s a job well done!

    1. Thanks Lyn! I wasn’t sure how curved it should be, but I think it turned out well. I did a lot of bashing on the bottom. :-). Thanks for the tip.

  4. It looks amazing, Marilyn! This one is sure *not* to make the rejection/failed pile 😀 Love the corkscrew effect, too – what material is it?

  5. Thanks Marion! I wrapped plastic wrap around a dowel then wet the yarn and wound it around the dowel. I let it sit overnight to dry.

    1. Thanks dottyhendesigns! The tendrils are fun and easy to make.

  6. That’s really nice, Marilyn 🙂 The leaves are great, you really got the texture of vine leaves there. I hope he liked it.

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