Making Ornaments with the Boys

Making Ornaments with the Boys

Thanksgiving was supposed to be in Florida with the Grandsons, but the whole family was sick so we postponed our trip for a week.  I had promised Luke I would bring more wool next time I visited, so I did along with some foam balls to make some ornaments.

I prepared by making some batts in different colors and brought embellishments and different colored roving for the boys to choose from. I thought the batts would be easier for them to work with on a round surface and I was right.


Josh had never played with wool, but seemed to be more fascinated with the soapy water.

20151206_135812 20151206_135826

I let them choose their colors and embellishments. After putting all the wool on the balls, we dipped them in the soapy water and I rubbed to get it started.  Then I had the boys roll the balls in bubble wrap. ( mostly to keep them engaged in the process.)  Of course, the Florida boy had to get into the swing of working with water. I put the balls in nylons to make it easier to work with for them.

20151206_140449 20151206_140452

When the wool started to shrink I put the balls thru the washer and dryer.


Luke also started to pull wool off to make a snake.  Later, he abandoned the idea, evidently Grandma wasn’t working fast enough.

The finished ornaments.  Three for Luke.


Two for Josh.


I made another for pink one Baby Lisa in California.  Josh asked me about the pink one.  When I told him, he picked up his green one and said he wanted Uncle Brad to have that one.  Awww.  Such a sweet boy.


I was really happy to share my love of felting with the boys and they both seemed to enjoy it.  And now they have a souvenir for years to come.  Best Christmas present.

Happy Holidays!


28 thoughts on “Making Ornaments with the Boys

  1. It looks like they had lots of fun, Marilyn and the balls are great 🙂 I know what you mean about the soapy water, when I did make-fest with kids and told them to get ‘soapy hands’ they seemed to go into a trance rolling the soap in their hands getting lathered up!

    1. Thanks Zed! That’s exactly what happened to Josh he was mesmerized by the soap.

  2. So nice to see you playing with wool, water and soap with your grandsons. They look like they are enjoying themselves. And I love the pink ball you made for baby Lisa.

    1. Thanks Zara! It was fun, but they do have a short attention span. :-). I may steal a few of the projects you do with the girls for future projects. 🙂

    2. Thanks Zara, I think the boys would enjoy making the candy canes. By next year, they should have better concentration and coordination.

    1. Thanks Teri! Now they expect Grandma to come with fiber to play with which is great.

    1. Thanks Sharon! Not only love of fiber, but an effort to get them away from TV and electronics. 🙂

    2. I’m not surprised, you saw the state if the kitchen table. :-). All in fun and being a Grandma!

    1. Thanks Frances! The styrofoam balls were about 3″ in diameter.. It was kind of rough kind so it helped keep the fibers in place so not to frustrate them.

  3. Great idea, Marilyn. The boys obviously enjoyed their felting lesson! I am surprised the styrofoam did not disintegrate. Perfect pink for Lisa!

    1. Thanks Cathy, it was! The styrofoam is compressed plastic bits so it’s quite sturdy.

    1. Yes, Judith, I hope it helps them remember the experience in the future. Thanks”

    1. Thanks! If you do, please share your results with us on the forum. We’d love to see what you do.

  4. Always fun to get the kids involved. Looks like the results were great and even if they don’t remember this specific time, they will remember spending time with you and learning fun, new things.

    1. Thanks Ruth! By the time they grow up, I’m sure we’ll have a lot more projects done. It’s just great to spend time with them and have something to show for it.

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