Announcements, Announcements, Announcements…

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements…

First up, the announcement of the winner of the free space in my upcoming Nuno Felting with Paper Fabric Lamination online class. There were 38 people who commented that wanted to be in the class. The random number generator chose number 13 who is Linda. Congratulations Linda! I will be sending you an e-mail with further information.

Module 1 of Embellishing Felt with Surface Design Techniques - A Mixed Media Approach, Online Course by Ruth Lane

For the rest of you who commented and wanted to be in the class, you can sign up here. The last day to register and pay for the class is May 13 which is only two days from now. So go ahead and sign up, it’s going to be a fun class. Remember, you do need to have nuno felting and wet felting experience to take this class.

Also, there have been a few questions about when the Nuno Felting with Paper Fabric Lamination online class will be repeated. The plan is to complete all four modules and then repeat the entire 4 modules again next year. So it will be repeated.

The next announcement is to not forget that registration for the next Wet Felting for Beginners online class is open. Go here to register. If you know someone who wants to learn to felt, please pass the word to them. This is a very affordable class and is perfect for someone who has never felted before.

Layered, burned synthetic fabric, Ruth Lane

And I hate to do a post with no eye candy. So here is what I made on Friday with my local art group. We layered synthetic fabrics and then stitched them all together. The last step is using a soldering iron to burn out portions of the fabric.

Layered, burned synthetic fabric, Ruth Lane

Here’s a closer view so you can see the holes and the stitching a little better. I think I will put this on to some kind of background but haven’t decided yet how to finish it. What do you think? Would you add a color behind it?

Don’t forget to sign up for Nuno Felting with Paper Fabric Lamination online course beginning May 15th!

16 thoughts on “Announcements, Announcements, Announcements…

  1. Congratulations Linda! 🙂

    Ruth – Nice effect and you could put a colour behind perhaps a transluscent one and hang it where it would be backlit.

  2. I love it Ruth – I would try to work out a way of hanging it (without backing it) so that it would be an inch or so away from a wall to allow natural light behind.

    1. p.s. the wall would have to be just the right colour though – could mean redecorating to hang the piece, but hey, art is important.

    2. Thanks Lyn – my walls are a mustard yellow and it would go perfectly 🙂 Will have to work out the framing/hanging method to achieve back lighting.

    1. Thanks Ann – the other side isn’t too bad. Just black with the stitching which isn’t overly sloppy. So yes, it could hang in a window.

  3. Congratulations Linda!

    I agree with Lyn about space behind it for natural light. Actually, as long as the wall color wasn’t too different it would become part of the picture and a frame pulling it all together. I’ll be interested to see what you decide.

  4. Congratulations, Linda!

    Ruth, your eye candy is beautiful. What kind of synthetic fibres did you add? I love the colours and the holes, and I’d just frame this between two layers of glass and make it a part of the wall it was hanging on (with a frame, that is).

    1. Thanks Leonor – I used scraps of synthetic fabrics that I had. I imagine most were polyester. Framing between two pieces of glass sounds like a good idea. I’ll try it and see if I like it.

  5. Great piece, fascinating technique! You must have a steady hand to get your stitching so regular and then not to burn holes through the stitching. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kim! It was fun. The burning part is really pretty easy and you can control where the burn is pretty well. The free motion stitching just takes practice.

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