Felted Christmas Tree Finished

Felted Christmas Tree Finished

Last time I told you I was making a Christmas tree.  http://wp.me/p1WEqk-2Gc  I did get it decorated before Christmas.

The small one is in Grandmas House

small tree decorated

The large on is in my house. Here it is stretched over its frame. The tomato cage give it an odd shape but I like it. Please excuse the messy desk in the back ground.  I should of rolled the top down but didn’t think of it.

big tree over tomato cage

next I decorated it. it turned out not so bad. I added some of the decorations that I have received in the forum Holiday exchange over the last few years. The candy cane is one.  In the first picture you can see the tree better and in the second one you can see the lights better. You can see my spinning wheel in the back ground too.

big tree decorated big tree decorated 2

The biggest problem with making a tree like this is there is nothing to hang the lights and decorations on. I ended up sewing the lights on, all around the tree, 25 feet of lights. I used the tinsel to hide the wire. Then I hung all the ornaments using the tinsel and wire to hook over. It looked a little bare still so I added. a string of red beads, sewn on again.  All in all I am very pleased with them both. Anyone have a better/different idea of how to add the lights and decorations?

21 thoughts on “Felted Christmas Tree Finished

  1. Your trees look good Ann. The tomato cage was a good ides. Lots of work sewing on the lights and decorations. I wonder, would it be possible to attach the lights to the cage with plastic or wire ties, then make small holes in the felt and poke them through? Just a thought for next year. 😉

    1. Thanks, Koffi, I did think of that but the tree is about 2 1/2 feet tall and getting inside the tree to poke the holes trough in the right place might be a bigger pain than sewing.

  2. They both look great Ann 🙂
    I don’t have any better suggestions, but I suppose it would be easier to decorate it flat, then put it on the cage.

  3. A great idea. I am pondering the idea of a half tree that will hang on the wall. I do not put up a big tree anymore and that would be ideal. But storage is a big problem for me, so it would have to fold up or roll up. My brain has not come up with a solution yet.

  4. Beautiful trees Ann! I too would have sewn the lights and tinsel in place.

    Now that it’s done, cover it (to protect it from dust) after Christmas and put it in the loft – just as it is. Then next year just lift it down, whip the cover off, eh voila, tree done!

    1. Thanks Frances. I am curios as to what a cemetery vase is. It was you that got me thinking I should make a tree. I think if my tree had been a half tree I would have used your idea of putting the lights on from the back

  5. Can’t think of a better solution, but I applaud you for your efforts; and as Lyn says, your work is all done for next year once the tree is properly protected and stored. Thanks for sharing your Christmas tree!

  6. Great tree Ann. I agree with Lyn, now it’s done you won’t have to ever worry about decorating it again, just put it out and “your tree is up”! Maybe you could have used velcro, the more sticky kind so that the ornaments would hold on to the felt with the velcro. It would only work with light ornaments. Not sure if the lights would work that way or not.

  7. Great idea, I wonder if a hot glue gun would attach some of the decorations to the felt? (Haven’t tried it myself)

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