Two in One Felt Project

Two in One Felt Project

Last year Zed had sent me a variety of small amounts of embellishment fibers.  I wanted to try them, but wanted a project that would preserve them in a format I could use as a reference for future use.

I had purchased her book HANDMADE FELT BOOK-COVER PROJECT: Everything You Need To Know From Start To Finish. I had never made a book cover so, it seemed an ideal way to combine two projects into one.

I had received the journal as a gift for Christmas and while it’s a nice book, I thought I”d dress it up.

I followed Zed’s instructions on planning the layout and made a template adjusting for shrinkage.  I laid out a moss green base and proceeded to place each of the embellishments along with a printed name next to it.

I had some empty spaces so I filled in with some embellishments of my own.


Since it was large the names didn’t come out very well in the photo so I broke it up into three pics – left, center and right.

left sidecenter







right side

After it was felted and fulled, I cut out the strap.  I had more shrinkage than I expected, but since I wasn’t going to use a clip as she recommends I wasn’t concerned and cut a narrower strap then used a velcro closure.


felt and cut 2

Then I did a blanket stitch around the book cover and the strap with some metallic thread. ( I can’t help it, I love the bling!)

finished front
finished back










Now it’s a beautiful book which reflects my love for felt and a great reference as to how the embellishments reacted to the felting. Thank you Zed for the embellishments and the terrific ebook!

If you can’t read the tags, I used Zed’s black vicose, crimped nylon, plastic fibre, black bamboo, white viscose, silk noil, acrylic tops, raw Suri alpaca, black nylon, Ingeo (corn), soy top, milk protein, bamboo staple, white Egyptian cotton, and super bright trilobal nylon.  I added locks, yak, mulberry silk, alpaca, tencel, cashmere, wensleydale locks and throwsters waste.

What is your favorite embellishment and why?


17 thoughts on “Two in One Felt Project

  1. ‘Two birds with one stone’ projects are soooo satisfying!

    The reference piece looks great on its own, but made into the journal cover it’s terrific. A felt cover makes a book so tactile and special.
    Zed’s tutorial is wonderful.

    I like a bit of bling too but it’s very difficult to photograph isn’t it? The camera lens doesn’t easily pick up the same glint that the eye does. One time I tried to photograph some felt on shiny gold board – looked lovely to my eye – but in the photo the board looked plain brown.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I agree the bling never looks as good in a photo. It was very satisfying project and makes a lovely coffee table book and conversation piece.

  2. What a fantastic idea to turn your book cover into a reference guide for different embellishments! and it looks great too 🙂 My favourite embellishments are the shiny ones – silk top, bamboo top and a little bit of angelica etc

    1. Thanks Teri! There’s something about shiny things that gives a project a finishing touch. 🙂

  3. Yes, this was a terrific idea to catalogue how various fibers work as embellishments, and I can attest to the fact that the book cover is even lovelier in person. Lyn is correct in that the “glitter effect” does not always show up well in photos. My favorite embellishment fibers are silk (laps?)–that shiny silk roving which is light as a feather. I particularly like the gloss and wavy effect that silk produces when felted as embellishment.

  4. Wow, that’s gorgeous Marilyn! 🙂
    I love the black nylon and black bamboo, the ripples of Ingeo and Milk are really nice too 🙂
    It is hard to know the exact shrinkage you’ll get when you use so many different fibres, isn’t it? I rarely follow my own advice about samples (Shhh!) Very nice, and nice stitching.

  5. I didn’t know one could cut out felt like this! I thought it wouldn’t hold, for some reason… It looks amazing, and the blanket stitch really helps all the rest stand out – so yay for bling 😀

    1. Thanks Leonor! The blanket stitch is always a challenge for me, but I like how it finishes the cover and adds a little more bling. 😉

  6. Thanks Zed! I couldn’t have done it without your samples and great tutorial! The only disappointment was the raw Suri alpaca. That didn’t felt well at all. Yes, shrinkage is tricky especially with so many embellishments, but it was fun and I’m happy with the results. 🙂

  7. Great idea Marilyn! The book cover turned out great and now you’ll keep your embellishment reference close to hand instead of putting it away somewhere. I have a tendency to not embellish as much as others but I do love the various effects of different fibers on wool.

  8. As a new felted I’m having a great time reading your blog & learning new ways to use fibers. Thanks!

  9. I need to embellish more so it is good to discover new fibres. A great blog.
    Thank you for the time you spend on it!

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