Last Show of the Season

Last Show of the Season

Last Saturday and Sunday I did the last show of the season. It is usually a good show but it snowed and there was freezing rain. The driving was terrible. So Not so great a show. It was very slow but some crazy people did come out and I made a little money. On the up side I now have a head start on next years felting so less work for me.

Here is what my booth looked like.

booth one booth three booth two

There were other great booths there too.

ofm 1 ofm 2 ofm 3 ofm 4 ofm 7OFM christmas 1 ofm 6

Christmas day was busy and lots of fun but in the middle of making the gravy my daughter and niece decided I needed more colour for the day.

christmas hairHair is fiber… right?

I hope everyone is having a great holiday and you are enjoying friends, family and fiber. Now I am off to the store to return a broken present.

11 thoughts on “Last Show of the Season

  1. Love the hair !! Shame about the turnout for the show as your booth looked very inviting. I would have been drawn to the organic veg stall as the produce looked great.

    1. Thanks Lyn, there where several vegie people there and 2 sheep’s milk cheese booths. I brought home homemade samosas and a Christmas wreathe I traded for. As for my hair it is back to gray this morning

  2. It looks like there were a lot of nice stalls and booths there, yours looks really nice, Ann 🙂 Shame about the weather.

    1. Thanks Zed. No customers makes for a very long day. It was worse next door where there was an expensive high end show on. Several of the people I know that were there came for a walk through and said they had fewer customers than us. You have to pay to get into the other one so people where going in our side first and then not bothering in to go into the other one.

  3. Love the hair Ann. Your booth looks great and it is too bad about the weather. I don’t think charging to get into a show makes sense any more. People just are not willing to pay.

    1. Thanks Ruth, the hair chalk was fun they got grandma and my husband too. All the high end shows here charge to get in. Things are very expensive too. Twice the price for the same thing.

    1. Thank you Josie. I got the grid walls and the waterfall hangers on line from a place in Toronto. There are 2 o r 3 of them there. It was cheaper for me to order them on line even with the shipping than buy them where I live. If you live in the states you can probably get them for even less. I hold 3 together with reusable velcro ties.

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