Fourth Quarter Studio Challenge – Autumn Scarf

Fourth Quarter Studio Challenge – Autumn Scarf

When Zed announced the 4th quarter challenge, I had already done some eco-printing on a couple of felt scarves. So I thought that this one would be the perfect project for the challenge. I wasn’t really happy with the results of the eco-printing and the scarf needed something more. So I took my mobius scarf which just happens to be a challenge piece from the “twisted” challenge and did some free motion machine stitching on it.

Natural Dyed, Free Motion Machine Stitched Felt ScarfI decided to use a variety of types of leaves and four different colored threads. Two of the threads were multi-colored threads and the others were red and orange to add a bit more color to the scarf.

Close Up - Free Motion StitchingI stitched aspen leaves, maple leaves and several other leaves that I had previously studied in my sketchbook.

Free Motion StitchingI always like to be able to refer to a photo or a sketch while I am free motion stitching.

More StitchingIt takes a bit of practice, but I love to stitch on felt.

Fall Leaves - Free Motion StitchingI’m not sure I “love” this scarf but I guess it looks better.

Free Motion Machine Stitched LeavesI think the orange and red thread is a bit bright. I might have liked it better if I just used the tan/brown thread. And then it would have been monochromatic too!

Free Motion Stitching on FeltBut it is finished and is my entry for Zed’s challenge.

Natural Dyed Felt Scarf with Free Motion Machine StitchingNow to see if I really wear it. I guess I’ll at least wear it for our cold autumn that we’re having here in Montana.

16 thoughts on “Fourth Quarter Studio Challenge – Autumn Scarf

  1. When you wear it you’ll find people staring at your neck when they’re speaking to you because the leaves are so interesting to look at!
    You’re not sure about the bright colours, but I like them. However, I think it would also have looked just as good using the tan thread only.

    1. Thanks Lyn! So that’s what those people were looking at! πŸ™‚ No, just kidding, I wear it mostly under my coat so people don’t see much of it.

  2. Nice save Ruth! I love the bright colored leaves, that’s the best part of fall – the beautiful colors.

    1. Thanks Marilyn – that’s what I love about autumn too is the beautiful colors. But somehow the thread colors don’t do justice to the true colors of nature.

  3. I like the bright colours too. I think the scarf needed a little livening. I am glad its growing on you . It’s a lot of work to put in to end up with something you don’t like.

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