In Between Yurting

In Between Yurting

This has been a really busy summer for me. The yurt has taken up a large amount of time, the store has been busy and I had color class homework to complete. So in between the yurt efforts, I have been slowly completing the tasks on my list.


I was running quite low on cat toys at the store. So I made several batches. I put them all into the panty hose and then throw them into the washing machine. The other batches were different colors so now I have enough to last the next couple of months.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe rest of my spare time has been spent completing my color studies homework. So I have painted lots of color scales, color wheels, color schemes etc.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis little book (6″ x 6″) is filled with different color schemes.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI haven’t finished the bigger book yet. It has all the scales and color wheels plus colored pencil studies, magazine color studies and other fun stuff.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHere are my blue pages.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this is what I’m working on now. I am making a color study from the photograph with various pieces of painted paper. The colors are pulled from the photo and then different amounts of each color are used in the layers of color. I got in a hurry and spilled water all over the photo. I’ll have to print another one.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIt seems like I spent a vast amount of time deciding how much of each color to show. Now I have to cut the pieces and tape them down to a background page. I’ll probably change my mind again as I’m taping them down.

I have also been preparing for my stitch class’s exhibit which will be in September. I had to get a few more pieces ready for hanging. I don’t have any photos but generally it was matting pieces and lacing pieces in preparation for framing. Have you been busy this summer? Do let us know what you’ve been up to. We’d love to see photos and hear all about it on the forum.

11 thoughts on “In Between Yurting

  1. This has been a very busy summer for me also. I am anxious to get back to making my color studies with fabrics. As you said, it is hard to know when enough colors are included. I have to make a search of all the fabric and quilt shops to find them. So, I have decided to put other projects on hold and put this as priority.

  2. I like the colours you put together from the blue/mauve flower photo. That’s a good exercise because it makes you re-think what colours, and in what proportions, look good side-by-side!

  3. You really have been busy, Ruth 🙂 I love all your colour work. I’ve tidied away all my sewing things since my machine won’t work, so I have more room to start being busy now 🙂

  4. You are amazingly busy. The color study is so intriguing. I may have to take one of the online courses. I’ve been working on small projects trying out new techniques from your book and other forum members have posted about. I’ll have to try to figure out how to post on the forum now that pictures can be included.

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