Expanding the Felting and Fibre Community

Expanding the Felting and Fibre Community

Most of our readers will probably know that apart from the four of us who do this blog, there are a lot of regular commenters who contribute too. We also have lots of regulars over at the forum and we know from the stats that we get an average of 160 ‘unique’ visitors to the site every day. We’d like to give anyone who’s interested the opportunity to get more involved.

You probably know that we’ve already had a few guest artists and writers. And we want to expand that. We want to do more ‘Meet the Artists’ but we’d also like to meet the suppliers who make all this possible: the people who provide us with our fabrics or wool, fleeces and animal fibres; the people who dye the wool, threads, yarns and fibres we love to use; those who sell haberdashery supplies or jewellery findings…anything we use in the production of our felt, fibre and mixed media artworks.

We’d really like to feature more guest writers. The posts we’ve had before were really popular. So, if you have something you’d like to write about that you think our readers would be interested in…a visit to a fibre fair or maybe a farm; your experience of selling at a craft fair or market; a project you’re working on; a tutorial you’ve written or maybe you just want to tell us about your craft, we’d love for you to get involved. It doesn’t have to be a unique article, it could be one you’ve written for your blog. And it doesn’t have to be new, we’re always interested in reading about felt and fibrey things and we may have missed it. You don’t have to have your own blog either or have written something before, and it doesn’t have to be a certain length.

B and J FabricsSo, if you’re interested, let us know. Leave us a comment in reply to this post and we can email you back, or PM one of us on the forum. If you have something you want to promote or feature for a specific date, like a craft or fibre fair, try to let us know in good time so we can schedule it. Thanks πŸ™‚Β  Oh, and if anyone missed the post about it on Facebook, the last day of every month is aΒ  kind of Promote your Product day, detailed here.

5 thoughts on “Expanding the Felting and Fibre Community

  1. If you want to participate but are not sure what to say we can help you out there too. We can give you some questions to answer or get you started thinking.

  2. There is no easy way to contact you through the blog, a problem I have with my own blog. I am interested in a guest slot and will write something focusing on nuno felting and color, can you let me know what you need? Thanks

    1. Thanks, Nancy. Your email address will show in the comments page in the ‘Dashboard’ so we can email you direct. Nuno felting is always a popular topic, thanks πŸ™‚

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