Ann’s Nuno Challenge

Ann’s Nuno Challenge

Well im just getting in just in the nick of time for Ann’s nuno challenge
As I was just practising I used some scrap material and I have no idea what sort it is, although it did have a bit sparkle, its really soft to so this is it


Not sure if it was the sheen on it or not but it was horrible to felt lol
I wanted to use white trilobal nylon and was hoping it would pucker and thicken so I could cut it out and use for making flowers for my next project, well that didn’t work and after about 1 hour of rubbing It ended up like this


Didn’t adhere to anything so I gave up on that lol
Then I pulled out some merino and as most of my things are still packed in boxes and I couldn’t be bothered going through every box , I grabbed what was close and it happened to be blue, this was much quicker to felt and it shrunk by at least 50%



Not the best colors I know but it worked ok, its quite strong, I’ll definitely give this another go but ill use some silk next, Ann did send me a gorgeous piece last Christmas and I was going to use it but im so glad I didn’t because I would hate to have ruined it. I need way more practise before I use something so lovely lol

12 thoughts on “Ann’s Nuno Challenge

  1. Good on you for having a go! The fabric is lovely, and I agree, maybe blue merino wasn’t the best colour choice, but you got nuno with a good texture!
    Experimentation is key – if you don’t try you’ll never know.
    But if you want to cut to the chase, grab a copy of Zed’s pdf ‘Beyond Nuno’

    1. Thanks Lyn lol I do have Zed’s e-book and love it but i should have given myself a refresher course first lol

  2. Oh, Lyn saved me some shameless self promotion! Just kidding 🙂
    When I’ve used the trilobal nylon, it’s got good results blended in with at least half merino, it does felt on the surface too but I don’t think I’ve tried it doing nuno yet.
    I agree with Lyn, you did get some good texture and I actually like the colours too, it’s unusual combinations like that that I always notice on my collages.

    1. Thanks zed, of course i have your book but should have re-read it first, i will now again lol i should have blended it with the merino but at the time i was just thinking that i wanted it on its own, silly me lol

  3. As with any new technique or product we use, there is a learning curve. Failure is just experience in disguise. I have many of them. However, I think the streaked color would make wonderful flowers.

    1. Thanks Judy, I have lots of experiences in disguise then dont i LOL i will still cut it up and use it and see how it goes 🙂

  4. I think you certainly put a lot of effort in it to make it work. The texture is great and actually I think the colors work together nicely.

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