A Paverpol Week !

A Paverpol Week !


I really  felt like playing with paverpol this week so I created another paverpolly lol

Although this time I decided to see how one of them went making it strictly with wood glue and not paverpol,  It basically worked the same although it was better not to water the wood glue down by very much at all,  I think its almost as strong as paverpol and way less expensive but I will still use the paverpol anyway, I just wanted to see if the wood glue would be as good and I am happy with it. She’s also the first white one i’ve made as there usually dark brown or black, but i guess you can do any colour you like !


So this is the girl I made, i  also made her book out of left over silk paper and her bag from card stock that I covered in black gesso then my shiva sticks,  I was thinking she needed something else so decided to make her an umbrella, since she’s sitting reading, supposedly outside lol


I haven’t decided if I should paint the umbrella yet or what color if I did.  Its just made from wire and material dipped in the wood glue and left to dry


I thought id show you my paverpolly shelf to, think my collections slowly growing !!


My favourite is still the green girl which was the very first one I made. The rather large one on the end i started a while ago and didnt want to waste any paverpol so now i’ll finish him off using the wood glue. I’ll just have to make sure he has a good coat of sealer on as I wanted to make him so he’s climbing up the outside of my balcony , looking like he’s sneaking inside lol   He’s not set in any pose yet as it took ages to wrap him and get his proportion right.

I enjoyed this making this new little one and in the mood for another, so happy days everyone and I hope your enjoying whatever it is your creating xo

14 thoughts on “A Paverpol Week !

    1. Thankyou Josephine Paverpol is a lot of fun, messy but fun, if you google it you’ll be amazed 🙂

  1. The new paverpolly is the best one (I like her better than the green one). I like the pose and the detail of the accessories and I think the umbrella looks good in its natural colour.

  2. I use the wood glue for many projects that involve paper, but have never used Paverpol. It may be stronger and best for making dolls. Your new Polly is wonderful and the umbrella would be a great addition. Keep working on it and get pictures.

    1. Thankyou Judy, I think the paverpol is a lot stronger but i had to test out the wood glue to lol

  3. Karen, I had to look up the paverpol because your doll intrigued me. It looks like fun. Another great use for leftovers. The umbrella was a great addition. Keep up the good work.

  4. She turned out really well. I like the umbrella the cut outs and edge are perfect for a sun umbrella. and the little shawl is great. She reminds me of my daughter. She likes to sit out by our pond and read.

    1. Thanks Ann I used the trim from some lace for the edging , its great that you can use anything for making these 🙂

  5. She’s wonderful Karen. Your umbrella is much smaller than mine but I do love it. I think you should keep it the natural color as well. Can’t wait to see you’re guy crawling up the wall 🙂

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