Mixed Media Report !!

Mixed Media Report !!

I thought I’d give you a progress report on the things I’m doing and loving, I think you’ve seen these first 2 but im adding them in to show the firsts ones in mixed media that I was playing with. These are foil art and I’m thoroughly enjoying playing around.


mixed m2

My current project im working on is for a friend of mine that loves to draw and paint but unfortunately hasn’t picked up her brushes or pencils for a long time. We’ve had so many conversations about this and I’ve been trying to encourage her to get going, well its not working yet although I think I’m getting close lol  So I decided to make her something that in the hope of inspiring her to move.  This is a blank journal that she can use to draw, paint or just do art and I really hope she likes it.  Her name is Loraine but we all call her rainy.  So this is another foil art project and I still wasnt sure  what I was doing so silly my didn’t take any pics until now,  But I’ve added in rolled up pieces of foil strips to make her name, in a pic below there is a red and black mat, I cut a strip from the red one and attached it along of middle of book,  there’s a key, some beads, dried flowers in the left bottom corner and as I devoured a block of chocolate the other night,( in the name of art)   I also attached a small portion of the wrapper lol  the whole book is then covered in many layers of foil, I’ve glad wrapped the inside pages so I don’t get any mess on them.  I used a small dry stiff brush and paverpol to carefully press the foil into all the nooks and crannies so as to have all the things I added in, raised up and standing out.  This has taken me the better part of the week to do so far as I wanted it to be all attached properly and not have any loose bits, last night I went over the entire surface with pva and paverpol to make sure that as its being used, nothing will come off.


Today I’ll be adding the paint and starting to sand it back until I get the effect I’m after before using an ageing medium and then sealing completely with a varnish.  I’ll make sure at least a small part of the Cadbury wrapper is shown so she knows that I had to eat chocolate, for her sake lol


This next lot of pics is to show you what I’ve been collecting as part of my mixed media rampage, and yes there are egg shells in there ready and waiting for me to break them up and add them in to something lol  Ive also been raiding hubby’s shed for any small bits and pieces, he has no idea that’s he’s missing a few small things yet lol



I’ve even thought that if I have any built up paint bits left I let them go dry so I can peel them off and maybe add them into something.  on the right



My daughter has also been in a creative mood and made this melted crayon piece, shes not really happy with as she said she over melted and they blended a bit to much, but she had fun anyway !


And I think ive said that she loves Tim Burton so this is one of his that she did as well.  I really love this one


So  as you can see I haven’t been sitting idle and I’ve also been helping my son with Charlie while her mums away at work back in the mining industry.  I forgot what running after a 14 month old does to you,  I was pooped on Sunday lol  she so dam gorgeous though its all worth the extra exercise I’m getting  haha

I hope your all enjoying any projects your working on and dont forget to come and join in our forum by clicking on the following link.  xo


14 thoughts on “Mixed Media Report !!

  1. The book looks great already, Kaz 🙂
    You know, up until I had my big tidy out recently I had a bag of paint chips I’d peeled off my palette! Next time you’re in the $1 shop have a look in the hardware dept for washers, they usually do boxes of different sizes. It looks like you’re having fun 🙂

    1. Thankyou Zed, I’m having heaps of fun, and thats a good idea so will do, i’m also going to be on the look out for old watches and clocks that i can pull apart, my son Chris has some really nice old ones but he quickly put them away lol cheeky thing lol

  2. Wowzer Kaz! That’s great. Your friend is going to love it, and it just wouldn’t have been quite right without the chocolate! 😀

    I’m so pleased there are others out there who collect what some may call rubbish!! My son always says ” Shall I throw this out Mum, or are you going to chop it up and make it into something else?”

    Enjoy Charlie! When I look after my g’children, I often wonder how I had so much energy when our children were small. I guess it’s the odd 30 years in between!! 🙂

  3. Thankyou Judith, I hope she loves it and it inspires her to get a move on lol I coulnt very well just re-wrap the chocolate in something else and leave it alone , could i lol
    Oh yes never throw anything out unless you ask us if its needed first lol
    I know where your coming from there Judith, 4 kids kept me on the hop constantly but we never thought about it , I feel now it though but i’d still have her everyday lol

  4. Looks like you are having lots of fun Karen. TAKE PICTURES, we want to see the process. I say this knowing that remembering to take pictures is the hardest part.

    1. Thanks Ann, Yes i am and i know it is the hardest part, especially when your working away having fun and then think, oh shoot i should have taken a pic of that part lol

  5. Karen, you are really on a roll. It takes a while to collect a variety of elements. And it gets too costly to buy them all. If you haven’t done this yet, try jute twine. You knot parts of it, as you weave it through plastic canvas grid.Cover it with paverpol or PVA, press tissue paper on top, let dry and rub with paint sticks. Learned that from Maggie Grey’s book, Raising the Surface.

    1. Thankyou Judy and thats a great idea, I havent seen that book so i’ll look on amazon today. I can see in my head that it would be a great effect lol

    1. Judy there table place matt i picked up and i thought i could cut out shapes and add them in to something, The red one is made of a twine and woven, i cut a piece of that to put in the middle of the book and the black one is like a dense foam with lots of different shaped flowers and butterfly’s and not to thick so I thought they would be cool to use 🙂

  6. There’s no stopping you now! Let’s hope your enthusiasm finally gets through to Rainy – the book cover is looking great.

    At least running around after Charlie will burn off that chocolate!

  7. The book looks great Karen – I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. Pretty soon you’ll have our room all filled up with a wonderful collection of stuff.

    1. Thanks Ruth, Im sure she’ll love it, Im finding now that i cant look anywhere without really looking to see if ” i can use that ” lol

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