My Felted Gift.

My Felted Gift.

Over on the felt and fiber forum we had a holiday exchange. This is the wonderful gift I got From Teri Ann.

xmas exchange

He is expertly needle felted and  the wool in all naturally dyed. the wool was dyed using indigo,cochineal, Barberry twigs  and cleavers roots.  He will have pride of place when the decorations go up.

this is a short post as I haven’t had any time for felting the last little while. I was getting ready for the North Gower Farmers’ Market Christmas Sale December 1. that meant lots of baking. I made steak and Guinness pies, lamb and vegetable pies and tourtieres. My mom made steak and mushroom and steak and kidney pies. we sold 60 large and 35 small pies. I also made scones and dog and cat treats My husband also backed lots of bread, my daughter made muffins. It was a long day but we enjoyed seeing everyone from the summer market and the new faces too.


This was taken about half way through the day. The bags at the end are sold pies waiting to be picked up after people finish their shopping.

8 thoughts on “My Felted Gift.

  1. I feel absolutely exhausted just reading about how much baking you did! Glad it went well – and the pies look delicious.

    The beautiful needle felted decoration will give you and your family much pleasure for many, many years.

  2. Thanks Lyn. Its not that bad. I do the pies over a month and it is all frozen. I get help form the family assembling them and bagging them.
    I am sure the gnome will help us celebrate for a long time.

  3. This is some impressive pie making by the looks of it! I HATE making pie dough. I’d rather have a root canal over making pie dough! I just finished making my tourtières yesterday, and still feel shell shocked from the experience. You are a Pie Hero, for sure!

  4. It is alot of work but this is the first year I have managed to make more than I sold. Every year I make more and sell out at least this year I have a couple for us on Christmas eve. There should always be tourtiere on Christmas eve.

  5. Your gift from TerriAnn is gorgeous 🙂
    I made some samosa pasties a couple of months ago, but I used frozen puff pastry. Actually, a couple of times, I used frozen puff pastry pre-cut squares 🙂

  6. Ann your gift from Terriann is so cute and i’m exhausted reading about how many pies you made to, i love cooking but thats a heck of a lot lol Glad it went well though and now you can have a rest ???

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