Pendopad Cover

Pendopad Cover

Pendopad cover ( which is like an ipad)  I don’t really like it but they say there is no failures in felt, well not sure about that  🙂

Sorry if there’s to many photo’s but I wanted to show you want I meant

 Top layer I added some nice material that zed sent me awhile ago and I know now that I added way to much, very pokadotty and not what I wanted, but I kept going because you just never know 🙂

Back side layed out although this could now become the front, A layer of really sheer , shiny fabric that you cant see well here but it should have felted better


After wetting it out

and the back

Lots of rubbing, rolling and throwing and it still didn’t want to take very well , that really shiny fabric is obvious now lol  especially as a lot of it didnt want to felt in there !

not happy with the edge, and i couldnt get it felted more than that


Had to throw in my sexy nails, my daughter had her first nail art competition that they had to enter for assessment, she didn’t win anything but enjoyed it and now I have some bling on my fingers, orange sculptured acrylic covered with gold leaf and jewels  🙂


Anyway back to this  🙂   I added some beads and stitches to anchor the sheer, didn’t need much as I find it way to busy anyway so i wanted to keep it simple


Its hard to even see the stitches in most of it  but they are there


I don’t dislike it as much now but I will be making another one anyone because its not really doing anything for me !!!


I had to turn the top over to neaten and attach some fibres and to me it’s a bit better  BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!


So there you have it, my sort of failure, well it is to me but thoughts and advise would be appreciated

I’m going to work on my weather challenge piece next so im hoping that works out better than this one   🙂    i always enjoy it though

Happy Felting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









21 thoughts on “Pendopad Cover

  1. It’s pretty nice. There’s someone out there who will adore it…I’m always surprised by what sells at fairs, pieces I just don’t like go as well as pieces I love…you did a great job on it. And the shiny fabric, oh that stuff is HARD to make behave, in felting!

    1. Thanks so much Nancy, i know everyone’s taste is different but i dont think i’ll use that shiny stuff again lol

  2. Pendopad? Oh dear, I have such trouble keeping up with techno stuff – I just have a steam driven pc and a mobile phone that is a museum piece!

    Anyway, your cover looks very pretty to me. Perhaps your eye is jaundiced because of the trouble it caused you. If you don’t look at it for a week or so, then see it with a fresh eye, you might change your mind about it.

    No felting is wasted – we learn so much from trying things out.

    1. Thankyou Lyn, you make me laugh with your steam driven pc lol i’m a bit of a gadget holic and a pendopad is not quite as good as an ipad but good for a mobile reader and for checking in online when i’m out. The cover is to busy for me but it wont get wasted, i’ve shelved it for now and i’ll come back to it later 🙂

  3. I really like it, Kaz 🙂
    I love the texture. You made this with a resist, didn’t you? That’s going to make it harder to get embellishments to attach because of the extra thickness, you can’t keep flipping and rubbing from the back like you can with a thinner flat piece.

    1. Thanks Zed Yes i did and i think thats what i find the hardest as well, getting all the fibres in place on the inside where you cant get at till you cut out the resist, and by then the top layer of the inside has felted but doesnt quite attach to whats inbetween, if that make sense 🙂 and depending on the extra fibres you use to !!

  4. There’s no such thing as too many photos, they’re always a great help.
    The colours are lovely, and there’s so much texture there, which makes it an interesting piece.

    That shiny fibre is very difficult to work with as I’ve just found out recently!! As Lyn suggests, put it away for a while and you may feel differently about it, even if you chop it up and make into something else. 🙂


    PS – You’ve made me feel better, I’ve had a few disasters lately – and I mean disasters!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Judith I think thats what i’m not used to yet , all that texture, i do like texture but i just found this one was to much, that and the pokadots coming through. I’m glad i made you feel better lol can we see your so called disasters ??????

  5. I have a stash of failures. Trust me, it happens. But, I have used up many of the failures when cutting and slashing them into other forms. I just discovered something I did 3 years ago. Let it sleep and then be reborn.

    1. Thankyou Judy I am going to leave it for a while and if it doesnt grow on me then i’ll cut it up and re-use on something else 🙂

  6. I don’t think it came out so bad. They are right just put it away. once you give up what you wanted it to be it will look better. The shiny fabric is very slippery and difficult to use. When nuno felting you need to slow down as a rule. I am really bad a t strait edges. To get neat edges I usually make things a little long then cut it to be nice 2/3 of the way through. Then rub the edges smooth.

    1. Thanks Ann I used a fully enclosed resist for this so did cut the top but it just didnt want to felt together, because of that shiny stuff, turning it over was the only thing to do with it. It was a good learning curve lol

  7. I’m thinking of taking all my small flops and making a crazy quilt. I think your piece is beautiful!!! Little pieces make good patches too! Or turn them into cards for gifting.

    1. Thankyou Cindy Oh i like that idea of turning them into little cards and if you make a crazy quilt you’ll have to post some pictures of that, i love that idea 🙂

    1. Thanks Ruth I dont like the colors either, i think thats half the problem but ill be making another one shortly in different colors and without that horrible shiny fabric 🙂

  8. Karen–The project looks pretty in the photos (kind of Impressionistic)…but it’s difficult to tell how well it felted ‘from here’. Remember that working ‘inside-out’ gives your ‘extra bits’ more time to felt in (and you don’t have to be as gentle with it, either, since only roving is on the outside as you work). It can be hard, at first, to get the outer embellishments exactly where you want them, but it might be worth a try on your next one! XXO-

    1. Heather i’m definitley going to try the inside out method next, i was just worried that after you lay out your design you cant see it to make sure it stays put, but obviously the way i’m doing them isnt working very well so i’ve got nothing to loose Right !! 🙂

  9. I always work inside out. I am very careful to avoid the ridges and take the resist out fairly early so if there are ridges, I can get rid of them easily in the fulling process.

    1. I alway have so much trouble with the edges because i find they tend to stretch and warp so much while your trying to felt them smooth, is that just a case of keep rubbing until they tighten up ?

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