Giveaway-Bits and Pieces

I thought it was time I did another Giveaway 🙂  I’ve gone through my stash of embellishment fabrics, fibres and scraps and put together a package that should give you plenty of choices for adding extras to your felt creations. These are some gorgeous metallic novelty yarns/fancy fibres. There are 5 different ones each about 3 metres long.

There are also some shorter lengths of novelty yarns in all different colours and types.

These gorgeous crinkly fibres are from another novelty yarn that I unravelled. I used a lot of them in this piece here.

There are some pieces and scraps of silk:


Gratuitous supermacro of organza 🙂

and synthetic fabrics

There is also some Cotton Noil

And some natural fibres and top, Top L-R Egyptian Cotton fibre, Crimped Viscose fibre, Bamboo Fibre. Bottom L-R: Flax, Ramie, Banana top.

If you’d like to win this fabric and fibre giveaway, simply comment on this post. I’ll announce the winner Next Sunday, 21st October. Please can the winner comment on the announcement post within 2 days so I can contact you for your postal address, thanks a lot 🙂

Most of our readers know about our Forum, but if you don’t, it’s a community of felting and fibre artists from around the world who get together to chat and ask each other questions about anything felt, fabric or fibre related…or chat about the usual things like the weather 🙂  We love reading the comments here on the blog and visiting the blogs of anyone who posts and has a link to theirs, and it’d be nice to be able to keep in touch more and build more community links. We’re all interested in the fibre arts, so if your interests are felting, mixed media, spinning, weaving, freeform crochet or something else we need to know about, come and join us, share photos of what you’re working on, ask for advice, give help to fellow fibre artists, meet friends and have fun!

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41 Responses to Giveaway-Bits and Pieces

  1. Lyn says:

    I love the organza photo – very close-up is fully justified as far as I’m concerned!
    And those fibres in the last photo look as soft as duck down.
    What is it about such photos – I should have put on a pelican bib before looking at them to save my tee-shirt becoming soggy through dribble.

    • zedster66 says:

      Ha 🙂
      I must admit, I was playing around with my fibres longer than I needed to, to do this 🙂
      They look gorgeous and the natural ones smell gorgeous too 🙂

  2. Tina W. says:

    These look like they would be so much fun to play with! BTW – it looks like the link to show what you made using the crinkly fibres isn’t working properly.

  3. Pat Moore says:

    My mind is off on a tangent about how to use the fibres and other shiny things. I hope I am lucky enough to win!

  4. amanostudios says:

    I must say, I really enjoy reading your posts and I would love to try some of the fibers that you are talking about in this post. We have the SouthEast Animal Show this month and I will look for them there. Thanks for all your informative information. I especially liked your pricing series.

  5. Cindy Harrod says:

    Such a gorgeous assortment! What a wonderful stash you must have!

  6. beheresoon says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks

    Sent from my favorite electronic gadget!

  7. koffipot says:

    Ooooooh! I’m drooling too! These look supercalafragilsticexpialidocious – I’d use a better word if I could think of one. My right brain has gone into overdrive. 😀

    Count me into the draw! ::)

  8. Atie Holmes says:

    OMG what a wonderful assortment of goodies. Love them all!

  9. Kristin T says:

    I Just discovered your blog, and would LOVE to play with these samples! Please count me in for the draw!
    Now I’m off to join the forum…

    • zedster66 says:

      Thanks everyone 🙂
      Thanks for joining the forum, Kristin, I hope you’ll enjoy it and I’ll look forward to seeing you there 🙂

  10. Linda Whitmore says:

    What a great collection..please count me in!!

  11. jane dolan says:

    All the fibres look fantastic, gratuitous organza macro especially!

  12. Love your pictures! So inspiring…I was thinking that we could do a little stash exchange. I am sure that I could find some interesting stuff for you. And skip the draw for me. I am still working from my stash!

  13. Beth says:

    It has been awhile since I checked in here and what a great day it turned out to be to do so! What a wonderful collection of fibers and fabrics! Inspiration galore!

  14. Jodie Bannister says:

    The colours and textures give you inspiration alone. I would love to try all of these in some nuno.
    Count me in please!

  15. A great giveaway Zed. I am sure someone will have a great time with them.

  16. Oh that is so lovely. I hope I will be the lucky one. Thanks for your generosity.

  17. zedster66 says:

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone 🙂
    I hope whoever wins enjoys the fibres as much as I do 🙂

  18. me encanta tu trabajo y a veces soy un poco temerosa para largarme a experimentar, pero con todo ese material, las posibilidades de crear son infinitas. Felicitacioes!

  19. Karen says:

    What a fantastic Give away Zed, someone’s going to be very happy 🙂

  20. all these scraps would be perfect to include in my funky handspun art yarn!

  21. Amber O. says:

    Your posts are always so inspiring. Thanks for opportunity to win and try out some new materials

  22. ans says:

    Oh, I like to win 🙂 It’s always nice and fun to work with new stuff and experiment!
    Love from the Netherlands,

  23. Thea says:

    I can use a bit of luck and would like to get involved with this beautiful Give away
    Groet Thea

  24. Alevtina says:

    So delicious giveaway! I’d love to take a chance!

  25. zedster66 says:

    Thanks, everyone 🙂

  26. Betsy Barry says:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed! such a great giveaway, count me in please!

  27. Isabell says:

    a wonderful giveaway, so generous. please count me in too. 🙂

  28. Kelly Harms says:

    I’m just learning to felt and it would be great to be able to use the wonderful fibers from your stash to jazz up my creations!

  29. becky says:

    Just found this website. It looks very interesting and useful, will definitely be having a look around! I have just started a course at uni doing fashion and textiles and would love to use those bits and pieces in my work! Count me in!

  30. zedster66 says:

    Thanks for all the entries and nice comments 🙂

  31. Wendy says:

    Beautiful site, interesting and helpful. Being an absolute beginner I need all the tips etc that I can find. I can already see this craft becoming a favourite amongst the many I already do.

  32. Dawn says:

    Felt me in too please 🙂

  33. zedster66 says:

    Thanks a lot everyone for all the nice comments and for entering the giveaway. I’ve drawn the winner and will announce it in a new post soon 🙂

  34. Llinda Spreen says:

    Hi Just found your blog and am thrilled. It looks great. Thanks for a chance to win. Button Girl

  35. Sheri Colby Schenck says:

    ooooh…the fun I could have with all these goodies. Adding even a little bit of interesting fiber to project take it to a new level of cool every time!

    • becky says:

      Im doing a project on texture at university, so this would be amazing for me! Good luck everybody! xx

  36. zedster66 says:

    Sorry, this Giveaway was 2 years ago, it’s already been drawn! There is a current giveaway for a book if you want to have a look:

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