My First Nuno Felt

My First Nuno Felt

I knew sooner or later id have to brave it and have a go at some nuno felting,  and I really wanted to make my Granddaughter a little vest so here goes , I didn’t have pink so had to go for mauves and then I threw in some greens.


So anyway, I layed out a piece of muslin first , then on top of that is a layer of merino and bfl

The bottom layer is the same in a verigated mauve

Then I flipped it and added lots of silk, sari silk, silk threads and added extra bits of fiber over that, maybe to much though,  this is after wetting , rubbing and rolling

This is after I threw it in the bath about 100 times, not sure it needed that much but I wanted to be careful and not have it fall apart, it shrunk a lot

Now I’m just making a plan vest here, nothing fancy, I don’t have a machine so its all done by hand. I cut a pattern from one of her jackets minus the sleeves

Back of vest

After embellishing,  I could NOT help but put some beads on but each and everyone of them has been sewn on at least 3 -4 times, didn’t want her pulling them off and needed them to be really secure . Its just finished off with  a blanket stitch all round and a ribbon tie closure . I added a little pocket on the front because I loved that piece of off-cut ,  Very Hippy like dont you think lol  I am happy with it but I do think I used to much wool over the silk and muslin, and actually I wasn’t sure if it was muslin or gauze but it was very fine and did work well

I should have made the front panels just that little bit bigger, she’s filling out nicely lol  but its nice and warm and Charlie didn’t mind it at all 🙂  Its not the best I know but it’s a start although the hardest part was taking a decent pic of her because she’s like a worm and never sits still 🙂



So whats everyone else working on, i cant wait to make another better one, but i need more wool first, i do honest 🙂



22 thoughts on “My First Nuno Felt

  1. Looks lovely Karen, (Charlie too!) and after all that throwing, there’s no way it’s going to fall apart.

    I made the same mistake in not allowing enough for a front overlap and had to use a zip, but it’s all part of the learning curve! 🙂

    Look forward to seeing the next one. Get more wool – you can never have too much! 😉

    1. Thanks Judith, I know she’s only going to be wearing it for 5 mins but i had fun making it and it is only my first one lol Yes yes more wool 🙂

  2. Wow! Hasn’t Charlie grown! I know they do, but the sheer speed of growth is always a surprise.

    Your nuno felt is very pretty and I bet Charlie stuffs allsorts into that neat little pocket.

  3. Charlie is very adorable in her lovely vest. But it looks like she will not be wearing it very long. I see a lot of fantastic felted vests on Pinterest. I guess, like anything else, practice makes perfect. We always learn from what we attempt.

    1. Thankyou Judy, no she wont be wearing it very long at all but thats all part of my practise lol there are some beautiful vests and jackets out there, i hope my next one is better xo

  4. You did a great job on the nuno felt and the vest. Charlie looks very cozy and happy in her vest. if you want to make it a little bigger as she grows you can take your sides apart and put in a panel of cloth or more nuno felt.

    1. Thanks Ann, I could do that but i’ll probably just leave this one as a first attempt and do better with the next one , but thats a great idea anyway thanks Ann xo

  5. I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing the process and the lovely pics! To help this vest grow along with Charlie, you could even crochet some side panels: use a skinny crochet hook to poke holes along the edges and join the edges together with crochet. I’ve used this technique to create scarves that are alternating segments of felted yardage and crocheted hand-spun yarn. Make sure when you poke holes into the felt edges that you are spacing them far enough away from the edge so the edges will remain strong (not too close to the edges!); and space the holes to conform to the yarn you’ll use for making the side panels — I think thick, pink, fluffy and soft yarn would be adorable!

    1. Thankyou Woolybliss, thats a great idea to and i was thinking of crocheting some fluffy pink wool all round the edges to begin with but thought it might be to much, i might do that with the next one, it would look cute 🙂

  6. Great job Karen! For a first nuno felt project, that is a big task to take on, so pat yourself on the back. You did good. Charlie is adorable in her vest.

  7. Well done Karen, Charlie looks a cute little button in her new vest.

    You deserve more wool after doing such a good job.

  8. I love what you’ve created congratulations. Im finding it intimidating starting my first nuno project & seeing your success has given me the motivation to give it a go. Thank you for posting this

  9. Thankyou Michelle , Thats why it took me so long to try, i found it very intimating to, still do but we just have to not worry about the outcome ( as i did) lol and go for it. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your first nuno project, we can encourage each other 🙂

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