Inspired by Heather :)

Inspired by Heather :)

So its been way to long since i did any felting , so today I decided to brave all the packing and although I didn’t want to dig to deep I grabbed some wool and started

I’ve been so inspired by Heather lately and her journal covers that I thought that would be a good project to kick me back off

I’ve used some of my gotland fiber, merino, sari silk ribbon, silk waste and silk threads.  This is the first time working this way as Heather has done, an all in one cover so no sewing ends together.  I liked it 🙂  I didn’t work inside out though,  as I really wanted to see what went on the top  .

I made the resist using really thick plastic and also another small strip to add in the centre front to make a pen pocket , I think I was being really clever lol  but hey it worked 🙂

Starting the layout

I’d already added in silk and threads and everything else when i decided to try to make a pen pocket, so i made another smaller bit, added a strip resist ( you can just see it poking out the top)  and placed all back top after moving some of the fibre around and putting everything back so was covered,  i thought myself pretty darn clever with that one 🙂 And it worked perfectly.

Finished book cover and i really like this one, So I made a few mistakes but I’m really happy with the first one, ( notice the  tribute color )  Heathers  favorite color is orange so i couldnt help but add some in 🙂  I also added a leather closure with a toggle button , in orange of course  haha

I forgot that gotland was slightly harder to felt and it took me a long time of rubbing before I was game enough to take out the resist and start fulling,  some of the fibers just didn’t want to stick but I keep going until I knew that it wouldn’t fall apart. I did make the resist slightly too large and it did shrink down a fair bit but not quite enough for the book I wanted, so had to make another one with a smaller reist.

Starting the second one, i was liking it at this stage

and although i running out of light, i was really liking it here, i’ve added another strip for a pen pocket to

now i dont like it so much,  i find the colors to be really insipid and just not me,  my daughter loves it so i guess its hers now 🙂

 and it’s a bit puffy in the corners where it refuse to felt down properly, this ones even been in the drying to help a bit bit its still not quite right,   anyway thankyou for the inspiration Heather, I’ve had a fun afternoon and once I get them just how I like them I’m going to make some for my girls at work for Christmas presents

Question,  when you’ve chosen the note book or journal that you want to use how can I work out measurements with cutting the resist so by the time alls said and done it actually fits the book I want, i did check in ruths book and worked the resist to suit ( thanks ruth )  but i was still either to big or to small in size !!!!

So whats everyone working on right now, don’t forget to put some pics on the forum and in flickr

Happy Felting xo

9 thoughts on “Inspired by Heather :)

  1. Zed might be able to help you with sizing – I think she’s done quite a few covers.

    I like the first one best, the colours made me think of walking down a rural summer lane as I looked at it, and I don’t think the second one is insipid – I rather like the colours, they’re very girly.
    But it’s always down to personal taste at the end of the day.

    The pen holder was a good idea!

    1. Thanks Lyn I should have made a sample with the fiber i used so will do that next time. My daughter loved the second one best so she’s claimed that one and we love the pen holder 🙂

  2. Karen, did you do a sample so you know the exact shrinkage amount? That’s actually the most important part. Then you can just use the tables in the book to figure out the resist size. It also makes a difference if your layout is completely even. If your corners are thicker, they won’t shrink as much as the rest.

    I like them both although I like the colors in the first one best.

    1. Thanks Ruth No of course i didnt do a sample lol i did go through your book and looked for the fibers i used but i should have spent the time on the sample myself, will do that with the next one, i was working on about 30% shrinkage when it really only shrank about 20%, plus the template i cut was a little to big to, which made a fairly big difference in the size of the cover, in the first one i layed out the fibers very even and it feels nice , but with the second one i used some old fiber that i had when i first started felted and they were very short and very thick and felted so differently, we learn lol

  3. I think they are great, the pen holder is inspired.. The one that s to big you could try wetting it and heating it up and working it again. If its hot it often shrinks some more. Sometimes if you let a piece rest overnight and have a go in the morning it will felt more.

  4. Thanks so much Ann, I’ll try that and see how much more i can get it to shrink down although i’ve already put it through the dryer and it didnt shrink anymore, but maybe after it being wet it might xo

  5. Karen–I am enchanted by your ‘touch of orange’!!!
    It’s fantastic having a ‘tribute color’!!! Giggle.
    Try your finished covers on different journals before you try another one. The one I make all the time works for a flat, wide journal AND for a thicker, narrower hardback book. It just stretches more one way than the other somehow, once it’s on the book.
    …so you may be able to just have one or two resists that pretty much cover all of your bases, size-wise!! XO-

  6. They look great, Kaz 🙂
    Yeah, listen to Ruth and make a sample to know the shrinkage, you have to do it exactly the same for the sample and actual piece though (same amount of wool, same amount of rubbing/rolling etc)
    I LOVE that second picture down, it looks like a wildlife scene 🙂

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