More Natural Wools and Fibres

More Natural Wools and Fibres

Another couple of natural wool and natural fibre combinations I’ve used recently are Oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester with Ingeo top, and Humbug Jacob Tops with black and white Bamboo tops.

Humbug Jacob tops are a stripey blend of black and white Jacob wool tops. Just on its own it produces a nice result, but I thought I’d try using strips of black and white bamboo tops for effect. Both bamboos are really soft, white bamboo looks silky, but black bamboo is fluffy and more like fluffy cat fur. They felt quite differently too, the white keeps its silkiness and shines really nicely, and the black almost fades into the background, staying very matt.

Ingeo is made from corn, it is soft and shiny and smells faintly of caramel 🙂 I decided to cover the whole piece with Ingeo as it has such a lovely sheen. This was another fibre which shone even in dim light. The effect after drying is gorgeous, Ingeo is such a nice silky fibre and went really well with the Oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester. I think this combination would make a lovely soft and shiny scarf.

10 thoughts on “More Natural Wools and Fibres

    1. Thanks, Judith 🙂
      The BFL and Ingeo really is nice. The black bamboo is quite unique in how matt it is, it does look nice used as a panel.

  1. The black would be a nice way to darken something without having it show it’s self as much, great for shading.

  2. Thanks for the great examples . Have you noticed any difference between using the soy and bamboo fibers . Does one felt easier then then the other ?

    For any needle felters, I’ve been experimenting with needle felting bamboo and think it makes lovely animal fur . I was really surprised that it felts so well into the wool base and doesn’t matt up like most wool can when left loose . Here’s an example ……

    1. Thanks Denise 🙂
      I think I’d have to do a controlled sample to compare soybean and bamboo. I’ve never had a problem with how either felts. They are definitely 2 of the shinier fibres. I think I’m biased towards the golden yellow of soybean, though.
      The bamboo needlefelts well, looks good 🙂

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