My Week

My Week

This weeks work

Well I’ve had a great week practicing my felting starting with a small purse, I was still unsure as to how to get all the edges right and add embellishment, but I received some absolutely wonderful advise from my fellow felters over at my blog and although this one didnt really work i now knew what i was doing wrong.

First of all I was trying to layer the felt so all layers went on together,  ie when I put the first layer down I immediately added another layer and then the embellishments before flipping it over and repeating the other side, of course that doesn’t work well and i was just making it harder on myself.   So this is a bit too thin and a bit wonky at the opening

This is while I’m rubbing the back with the flap open and I was really liking the look of it

After Felting and the opening is quite thin and not very strong but i do like the colors

I think it will be easier to line it and use as either a small make up purse or for putting some keepsakes in on my dressing table.  I used BFL with lots of silks, threads and nylon.

So after that, and a better understanding, i had another session and this is the next one I made.  I used an enclosed resist for this and when I cut the top to remove it and rubbed the edges to make them stronger,   they seemed to just get wider lol  not sure what I did wrong there either but it is much stronger,  I did all the layers separately and then flipped between each one. I found that so much easier that what I was doing

I was even brave enough to put a pocket on the inside and although that’s a little thin it worked !

I still didnt like it like that so i  folded the edges down and added a button on each side with some stitching around the top and a few flowers in the front.

I have had a fun week felting and I know I have a lot of practice to do so I’m looking forward to the next one.  Not sure how many of these I can add to my dressing table though lol

I’ve also been really excited to be  starting my six week online course with Victoria Crowder Payne at Freedom of Stitch.  she does some fabulous work and I’ve been so looking forward to starting this course.  It’s a mixed media and stitch garden journal and if you’d like to take a look its at

I’ll keep you posted on my progress

I’ve nearly finished my TAST week 6 so how are you all going with your weekly stitches.

Till next time Happy Felting and Stitching xo

6 thoughts on “My Week

  1. You did a great job. To help with the opening stretching try rubbing the cut before removing the resist. That way it get less handling and stretches less. If all else fails I get out the felting needles. Hold the needle almost flat to the felt and poke around the opening in the direction you want it to shrink.

  2. It looks great Karen! I usually cut the opening smaller than what I want it as it will always tend to grow. Then once you’ve got it completely felted, you can always cut it bigger or trim more. But as you’ve found, you can’t make it smaller. I really like the embroidery you added. And have fun with your class!!

    1. Thanks Ruth Oh Yes i do learn the hard way but at least im learning what happens when ? And thankyou i will have fun with my class 🙂

  3. I like them both, Kaz 🙂
    I really like the pocket and sewing on the second one.
    If the tops of my vessels/pouches are wider than I want, I rinse in cold water and then rub the two edges against each other, alternate between the front and back against each other and the two sides. Or rub on something hard in the direction you want them to shrink. be careful though because it thickens as it shrinks (which is ok for vessels and camera cases etc)
    I love the colours too 🙂

    1. Thanks Zed I’ll try that next time, i felt like it didnt want to shrink no matter what i was doing, i’ll give it a better shot on the next one 🙂

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