My Year in 2011

My Year in 2011

It’s funny how a year can start off one way, and then take you in a whole different direction as we learn, grow and be inspired.

Needle Felted Santa

My year started out only ever having created needle felted characters, which did create a lot of laughs but I knew I hadn’t yet found my thing.

Needle Felted Character

As I watched  my friends create the most gorgeous wet felted pieces,  I took the plunge and gave it a go. I started out with some wet felted cuffs and a couple of wet felted bags, I really did enjoy the process but  I knew they weren’t right and really lacking something. So I went back to basics and purchased a Fabulous  e-book from RosiePink called  “Creating Felt Art”. The girls put so much information into that e-book it was very easy to follow and I was able to create this piece:

First Wet Felted Hanging

And so another new journey began into Wet Felting, the process of laying out those gorgeous fibres made me wonder why I’d never tried it before!

Laying out Fibres

From there I  purchased an online course with Susan Sorrell to create Fibre Collage incorporating Felt as the main fibre piece. It didn’t take me long to realise that mixed media and embellished felt is exactly where I want to be. I’m learning that you can add so much to a felt piece with simple stitches , beads or anything you feel the need to use!

Fibre Collage

I’m also learning to make textile beads using Tyvek, metallic threads & plastic strips. I am enjoying that thoroughly although I’m still trying not to burn them!

Textile Beads

I entered Zed’s spiral challenge and created my first journal cover using lots of beads and stitches!

Spiral Challenge

I’m  exploring  more mixed media  and this piece was made using paints for the backing board, Felt, Stitch, Beads and a Button:

Mixed Media

And I’m working on an Album Cover right now that has a long way to go yet but I’m really enjoying seeing that come together.

Album Cover

One of the most exciting parts to 2011 was being a little involved with Ruth and her book. That was definitely an eye opener and I know I didn’t do much, but just seeing the amount of work Ruth has put into that book and what was involved was totally awe-inspiring and I’m looking forward to seeing it in print and in my hands.

My absolute Favourite thing to happen was joining forces with  Ann, Ruth & Zed to bring this new site together , to learn, share , be inspired and talk all things felt and fibre to our hearts’ content. It amazes me how we’re oceans apart but working side by side for the love of Felt

Thank you Girls, I’m really looking forward to sharing the next 12 months alongside you all 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Year in 2011

  1. I am looking forward to working with you too. It’s been a very busy second half of the year hasn’t it.

  2. It’s wonderful finding your passion, isn’t it? Your mixed media pieces are so cool and I look forward to seeing where you go from here. This has been such fun so far and I have enjoyed it all. 2012 here we come.

  3. It’s been really nice seing you get excited about wet felting, beading and stitching, Kaz 🙂
    You really have found your ‘thing’.
    I’m looking forward to 2012 with you all too.

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