Just Introducing Myself

Just Introducing Myself

Hello my name is Karen and I live in the Coastal Town of Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia

I call myself a practicing fibre artist because I am fairly new and still have a lot to learn.  I only discovered felting in 2008 and I’ve fallen in love with anything to do with fibre and felting. My collection and knowledge are growing every day and I’m so happy to be a part of this team of extremely talented ladies.

Felting  3, 2, 1

Q-3  Three types of fibre you can’t live without!

My favourite fibre I’m using at the moment is a blend of merino and blue faced  Leicester, it’s an absolute  dream to work with and the colors are amazing,  I use it for all my background  layouts.  I also enjoy working with Romney Fibre as I find it nice and strong , but soft and luscious

Q-2  Two tools you use all the time!

I’m not sure I’d call them tools but I can’t live without bubble wrap and my trusty wooden dowel because without them it would be very hard to create a nice strong sheet of felt.

Q-1  One fibre art technique you love the most!  

I’m concentrating on mixed media right now as I love how you can incorporate lots of different mediums into one piece like all different sorts of fibres, beads, threads, sequins, yarn . I think the possibilities are endless !

I’m in my element and I’m looking forward to this new adventure with my Fabulous Felting  Friends who’s generosity and encouragement have meant the absolute world to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Album Cover







This is a sneak peek at my newest WIP. Its going to be an album cover for my Daughter In-laws mum to give to her for the birth of OUR first grandchild in approx 5 weeks time !! The white stitching is just the outline blocks so i stitch inbetween them with my pattern.  I’ll hopefully be able to show more of this piece in my next post 🙂

7 thoughts on “Just Introducing Myself

  1. Hi Karen,
    Your cover is beautiful, and I am sure this is a really silly question, but what is the thread you used for your embroidery? I’ve been using a stockpile of old silk thread I had, but it’s going to run out some day and I’ve been looking for a substitute and your thread looks to be perfect.

  2. Thankyou Pam, not a silly question at all, theres a lot of different threads on the market but i really like using DMC cotton threads, they come in Wool, Cotton, Metalics & Silks and a huge range of colors and there really nice to use 🙂
    Thankyou Ruth 🙂

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