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Making a Scissor Case

Making a Scissor Case

I got some great really sharp little scissors online. I have no way other than to original packaging or carrying them with me. They will poke through anything I put them in.

My friend Carlene suggested a triangular pouch with a side entrance so I thought I would give it a try.

The little curl at the bottom looked kind of sad and lonely so I cut it off. Then I got protests from the gallery and added some back.

I will add a grommet on the closed side and add a ribbon or string. I am not sure which will be better, thoughts? I think I will loop it the through the handle of the scissors so the whole thing is attached.   I plan to sew on a small magnetic closure for the open side.

Now you are probably thinking the scissors are going to go through the end of that, no problem.  know I thought of that too. LOL, I started out thinking about a piece of thick leather but I would need to make it into a cone and just couldn’t see how to make it work well. My solution is to get some needle ends. The ones you use to stop your knitting falling off. I will put one down in the point to stick the tip of the scissors in.

I am thinking of buying some more scissors and making up some to sell. The ones I made here aren’t very exciting to look at but I think I can make them a little more interesting without a lot more trouble.

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