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The Mysterious Package! Is it a wool bomb?

The Mysterious Package! Is it a wool bomb?

As Ann mentioned in her post we caved and succumbed to our basic default settings, BUY MORE WOOL! There was free shipping if you ordered enough.  We both wanted footwear and Ann spotted these lovely colours natural and unnatural!! Did I mention there were colours and some were BLUE!!! How could I say no? ( Please don’t buy all her blue I would like to get a bit more!!!)


We spent a long time debating amounts and colours eventually settling on Grey, Really Dark Grey, some more Grey and some natural cream in the large 500gr batts as well as a Purple and a Blue, both over-dyed on Grey.  What can I say? There was a sale, we got excited. We spent a lot of money at the on (Remember don’t buy all the blue please.)


I got an email (Hotmail is sometimes intermittently working and then sends mail the long way around the planet) a couple of days after we had placed the order, requesting a phone number for shipping. I seemed to have missed that in the order instructions.  3 days later, while working in the side yard studio, a nice man from Fed-X came up the driveway looking a bit confused by the potted trees and the rest of the garden. Sharkette and I put on masks (you saw the photo of her mask not fitting her well) and received the mysterious black taped package…insert spooky music here… OOOOH! Now I have to wait for Ann so we can open it together!!!!

11 Wool bomb?

Oh, the stress of waiting! So of course I dropped it off to her at the farmers market so I would not be tempted to peek! I was the mother of Evil, he was so cute and had such soft fur, so I left the temptation for Ann. She promised to bring it on Monday for the Great Unwrapping!!


2 2 Due to the stress, I’m sure I also picked up two fleeces at the other end of the market, a Shropshire and a Canadian. Both were large Rams and were much softer than I expected.  They are now waiting for the humidity to drop so I can skirt and wash them!

3-5  I hid them under my studio table so no one would know they were there.

   6-8  I re-bagged them into the giant ziplock bags from Dollerama it definitely needs a lot of skirting but it should be worth the work!

The day of the Great Unwrapping finally arrived.  Well the package arrived Friday morning and this is now Monday morning so you know the agony we had to endure waiting 3 whole days; the same length of time it took to get here from Lithuania!!!

  9-10 Ann in the guild library

We were both in at the guild studio, wearing our masks, to finish pulling books for guild members, update the library cards to match the membership list and receive library books that were still out with members. (There are a few that are now overdue! You know who you are!  Please follow the instructions on the guild web page and arrange to drop them back into the studio)


We were very good and got the books pulled and cards updated before we carefully approached the package.  Now we would find out the burning question, is this all the wool we ordered?  It seems so small?

500gr / 17.6 oz each of Bergschaf Tyrollean Wool   – 2x  Light Grey 1 X Dark Grey and 1x  Natural white(cream) =2000gr


100 gr / 3,52 oz each of Dyed Bergschaf Tyrollean wool   – 1x Blue, 1x  #56. Purple Grey Mix

Total of 2200gr of wool!! How can all that wool be in such a small ball?


After a quick debate, I had the camera.  She had scissors! We got to work. Ohh I should film this!

Video 1 – getting through the outer layer

Video link to YouTube


Video 2 – the bag inside


Video 3 – commentary on contents

Video link to YouTube


11 11


Here is the 100gr of natural grey overdyed in a beautiful blue. The black plastic and tape outer wrapping can be seen to the right of the table it’s amazing all the fibre fit into it!


I am planning boots with mine.  I think Ann will be making slippers. I have to look at soles and see if I can get rubber soles or if I should go with leather. My feet have been freezing lately and I am planning them as indoor boots. I had a pair of outdoor mid-calf boots about 20 years ago that were slit at the sides with the front and back overlapping. They were easy to put on and were great with calves that use to do horseback riding ( so not twigs). I want to try to recreate something similar.


I am suspecting more fibre will be required after looking at Ann’s sample so I will hope there is another sale happening Soon at


Now I better get back to working on Mer-pet two!!

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