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Introduction to Wet Felting at The Fold

Introduction to Wet Felting at The Fold

A couple of months ago while shopping at The Fold in Marengo, IL, owner Toni Neil asked me if I’d be interested in teaching a wet felting class.  Many of the people who shop there are knitters, crocheters and spinners and she said they were curious about the felting. I agreed and we settled on November 1, class size and I provided her with a class description and supply list along with a list of the items I would be supplying.

I always think when taking a beginners class it’s nice to come home with something you can either use or show people, so I chose to make a place mat.  In preparation, I made a couple as examples and gathered some other samples to show how embellishments can be used.  I also brought along, yarns, prefelt, and some silk for embellishments.

2014-11-02 14.40

I provided a pool noodle, bubble wrap, a template, a piece of polyester curtain fabric for each student and gathered up my samples and other tools to discuss as we worked. In addition, I printed out flyers for the forum, a resource list and a general step by step guide to basic wet felting for future reference.


The class was held in Toni’s kitchen at The Fold which was comfortable for four people. Unfortunately, they had to turn away a fifth, but I don’t know where we would have put another body.

I was surprised to learn that a couple of the ladies had come from as far away as Beloit, WI and Highland Park, IL which is an hour and half away.  The other two lived closer to me.

layout 3_edited-1

The kitchen was nice and bright.  So sunny, pictures were a little hard to get.

laying out lay out 2

The one thing I learned is that they would have preferred to not have choices as to design.   However, I’m never one to squash the creativity of a group and as it turned out they helped each other and while they followed basic designs they added their own creative touches.

Toni M (not the owner) finished first and was pleased with her first project and decided she liked her organic edges.


Dana brought some beautiful Churro yarn she’d purchased from New Mexico and made her mat a bit more abstract with a lovely turquoise background.


Carolynne purchased her roving and yarn to match at The Fold with the intention making an additional five mats of the same design which featured the stripes and abstract yarn design.


Since Candace had just purchased all the merino sheep from The Fold, she chose to feature a sheep on her design that she cut out from prefelt and used yarn for a fence, silk for clouds and some roving for grass.

Candace and sheep

They were all pleased with their place mats.  We worked hard, but had a good time.  Now these knitters, crocheters, spinner and weaver have a new tool in their fiber kits!  I hope they will continue to experiment and join us on the forum.  For more information on The Fold check out their website

I haven’t taught a class in a long time.  I was tired, but a good tired and had fun meeting new people and sharing my passion with them.



Distaff Day

Distaff Day

Every year on of the local guilds hosts a day of fun short workshops, lunch and fun.

breakfast snacks


There are vendors for adding to your stash

vendor 1 vendor 2 vendor 3

In the morning I took a hookers necklace class. This is done by stitching the little wool strips and beads onto a stretchy string.  the necklace are scratchy but would be fine on winter over clothing. I think I may do one with some felt off cuts for a softer necklace.  Mine is second from the left.

hookers necklases

In the afternoon I taught a nuno felt bracelet. I had 10 people in the class and they seemed to really enjoy themselves. They will have to put buttons on them themselves. One lady left hers a little longer and is planning to use cufflinks to hold it closed.

nuno bracelets

I will show you the pictures I have of some of the other workshops  next time.

Teaching a hat Class.

Teaching a hat Class.

Yesterday I had a great time at Alpaca Tracks. We did use wool instead of alpaca only because it felts faster so works better for a class. Now they are all ready to make hats from there lovely alpaca’s fibre.

As you can see I am not the only one taking pictures with my phone.

alpaca tracks decoratingEmbellishing

alpaca tracks rubbingRubbing and rollingalpaca tracks rolling

alpaca tracks not quite thereThis one is coming along but is not quite there yet.

The best part of this day was this hat. Not be cause it is an unusual or far out but because it was a reluctant hat. The lady was not sure she wanted to make a hat, she not a hat person, maybe she would sell it.

alpaca tracks reluctant hat

But at the end of the day she loved her hat and was going to keep it for herself.

alpaca tracks happy hat

These two hats turned out great, very mysterious.

alpaca tracks mystereus hat alpaca tracks second mistery


I didn’t get any other hat pictures. wit was a very staggered ending and there where 3 pill box styles that will have to be sewn together after they are dry.

All in all a great day. I think everyone had a good time and was happy with there hats.   And we had crepes for lunch.alpaca tracks crepes


A Busy Week and an Half

A Busy Week and an Half

I went to a small sale the other weekend. It was at a small pioneer village.

I demonstrated spinning with a drop spindle and sold 10 drop spindle kits. I think I could have sold 10 more if I had had them.

lang museum

The museum is also working on getting an old Jacquard loom working. This is the one that will stay as just a static display.

lang jaquard loom

If you are old enough you will probably think the cards look like computer punch cards but these pre date computers by quite a bit. The cards are the pattern, they are sewn together. I will post more pictures of the loom over on the forum.

After the show I stayed wit my friend Maureen who owns Dreamspin Fibres, (shameless plug for a friend) I made a hat using prefelt. I hadn’t done that before.

pink and green hat

The green stuff is some of that strange yarn everyone is knitting and crocheting the spiral scarves with. It is a tube so I cut the tube up one side and opened it out. It came out great.

Then this Monday I taught a bobble cuff workshop for the first time. The ladies in the class where a lot of fun. Audrey’s granddaughter was there and very interested so I gave her some wool and she made a small picture in a plastic bag and I showed her how to make a tube bead with some pencils.

cuff class

By the end of the class they had the marbles in the cuffs. The cuffs have to dry before you can cut them to get the marbles out. They will do that today. I made everyone a sample with marbles in them so they could try cutting the felt while I was still there.

cuff class finished

That’s been my very busy week and a half. I almost forgot to do my post today as I was busy making hats and scarves for a sale I have on September 7 and 8 in Almonte. If you are in the area come out and say hi.

Classes at the Conference

Classes at the Conference

This last weekend I was teaching at the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners biannual conference. Here are pictures of the Nuno felting class. There where only 3 people in this class. It was a preconference class. The full conference started that evening with the workshops the next day.

Here they are putting the wool around the edges.

putting wool around the edge of the scarf 2 putting wool around the edge of the scarf

Then laying out the pattern.

making the pattern making the pattern 3 making the pattern 2

Close up

layout close up layout close up 3 layout close up 2

Fixing a spot that didn’t take. We needled it down and gave it a little rubbing on both sides and it was all fixed.

fixing a spot

Finished scarves

finished scarf 2 finished scarf finished scarf 3

And the happy ladies with their scarves and a sample done on cotton that they had time to do at the end of class.

happy felters

At the last minuet the needle felting teacher had to pull out with a family emergency so they asked me to fill in. I didn’t take any pictures of the process we only had 3 hours to complete a project so we really had to move.  Here they are at the end, happy with their projects. Four sheep ( I supplied the legs so they would have time to complete them. ), one pincushion flower and a little person.

Happy needle felters

All in all it was a great time with lots of friendly people. I will share more about the conference in another post later.

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