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Surface Design and Texture with Machine Lace

Surface Design and Texture with Machine Lace

I took a small break from the differential shrinkage pod pursuits as I wanted to add some surface design and texture. I needed to see what type of free motion machine stitched lace would look the best.

My first attempt looked like this after stitching. I used a variegated brown thread on the top and a black thread in the bobbin.

I then laid it out on a thick layer of the same green wool I have been using for the pods. The photo on the right shows it wet down and already starting to felt.

Here it is after felting. I do like the texture on the surface of the felt but the “pattern” looks too much like a brain and isn’t random enough for me. So another attempt.

This one I tried to be less perfect and had some single lines of stitching running through other lines that were 2-4 stitched lines on top of each other.

Here’s the sample after the machine lace is felted in. I like the randomness of this sample better but I think it needs a little more empty spaces perhaps? Again, I like how the machine lace sits on the surface and gives a rough texture. Then I started thinking about adding some nepps into the mix. What would it look like if I added nepps underneath the machine lace and then felted? Or perhaps some lines of wool yarn to give ridges?

Making samples seems to lead me to making more samples. Perhaps eventually, I will come up with a plan for the final project. Or maybe I’ll just keep enjoying the journey of experimentation and sampling.

How about you? What have you been trying new lately?

Stitch Homework

Stitch Homework

I am heading back to La Conner, Washington at the end of the month for my second class in my Level 2 Stitch Class at the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center. For part of the homework after the first session, we were assigned to make pages for a felt stitch book. The felt is hand dyed as were the threads. My color scheme was  a triad of red, blue-green and yellow-green. The red is really hard to photograph. I have two books with 8 pages each. The pages are marked where the book will be bound. We’re learning the binding method in session 2. The covers of each book has a sample of each stitch that is included in the book. I had run out of enough felt to make a rectangle so I just used scraps. I thought it might pull the book together better as the color scheme is a bit over the top at times! Click on any of the photos for a closer view.

Second Book:

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