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Ruffle Scarves and Slippers

Ruffle Scarves and Slippers

I am still working toward my up coming show. I have been making some short ruffle scarves that should work well inside winter coats. I use a template to get the proportions right and have them shrink to the right size. You can see the template below the scarf below and you can see how much it shrank.

ruffle scarf shrinkage

Here are the 3 I have done. In the first one you can see the ruffles and then all rolled up looking like hand weights.

ruffle scarves ruffle scarves rolled up

I also taught a slipper class last week end. I couldn’t find my sample s so had to quickly make a couple. I made little boots for my grandson. her they are stuffed with plastic and covered in some pantyhose ready for the washer and the finished pair.

Fynn boots redy for washer Fynn boots finnished

I tried the heart shaped template. It was on the Forum but I can’t find it right now.

my slippers ready to felt my slippers

They are not fulled enough but I needed to stop to have them dry in time. It was good really because they could feel the difference between Fynn’s fulled slippers and mine. I will stuff them and put them through the washer. I am sorry to say I forgot to take any pictures at the class.

And lastly another inspiration picture. The leaves are now starting to fall so now the ground and the trees  match and it is time to play in the leaves.

falling leaves Fynn likes them.

Fynn in the leaves



Getting Ready for the Guild Exhibition and Sale.

Getting Ready for the Guild Exhibition and Sale.

I have a show coming up in November and I am not ready yet but I’m working on it. I made 2 hats.  Here I have added the embellishment yarn to one of them  and I am ready to flip it. I have covered the yarn in a very fine layer of wool.

gettin ready to flip

Here I have cut out the resist on the other hat and refolded it to roll the “seam” flat.

rolling the other way

Here it is after fulling so show you the shrinkage. It’s a little hard to see the top of the resist but if you look carefully its there

finnished fulling

And both ready to be rinsed. While they are still wet I will put folds in the long pointy part and sew them tight so they will dry properly. They are soaking in their rinse water at the moment.

2 hats ready to rince

I started a pill box hat

Top of a pillbox hat pill box sides

I am teaching a slipper class on the week end but I can’t find my samples so I am making a pair of booty slippers for my grandson, so I can show the class.

Fynns slippers

I think I will do a sample pair for myself using the ear pattern that Nada showed us

Have you tried any new patterns lately?