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Taking a Few Days Off

Taking a Few Days Off

I don’t usually write posts that aren’t fiber related here. But I had company all week and mostly we skied all week long. I took a couple of days off and we had a blast.

Howie and DennisHere is Howie and Dennis (my husband). Howie is in orange.

Janine and Ruth

And this is Janine and I. I’m in black.

Howie and Janine Skiing

I was wearing a small camera on my chest and it takes really wide-angle shots. So everything looks a bit curved. Howie and Janine are starting down the hill.

On the lift

And here we are getting on the lift. I forgot to turn the camera off but I really liked this shot.

Going Down the Front SideAnd here’s the crew in front of me starting down the front side of the mountain.

The Four Friends

Here we are at the end of the day in front of the Big Mountain Club. We had a blast. I also filmed a short video with the camera which you can see I’m wearing in the photo above. Hope you enjoy it but if you get motion sickness you might not want to watch it.

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