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Dyed Poppies

Dyed Poppies

I recently wrote about this piece because I couldn’t get the blue dye to stay in my green mixtures for the leaves of the poppies. I solved that problem by adding Dye-Na-Flow paint.

Poppies with Wet Paint

This is what the piece looked like when the paint was first applied. I did add a bit more black paint to the centers after the green had dried. I heat set the paint with an iron and then washed the entire piece in the washing machined.

2 Yards of Poppies

This is nearly the entire piece. It is hard to take a photo of because it is so big. It is 2 yards of silk. And it finally has some green.

Poppies with Green

I haven’t decided what to do with the fabric. Perhaps make pillow covers? Any suggestions?

Poppies Close Up

I like how it turned out even though it took a bit longer than expected!



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