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A Gift for My Husband

A Gift for My Husband

I got my husband a ceramic mug/glass for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have a handle though and when you put coffee in it, the mug is too hot to pick up or hold.

beloved cup

Since the purpose of the mug was for his coffee every morning, it made my gift not very practical. So felt to the rescue!

cozy resist web

I have made  a lot of felted cup cozies or sleeves but this needed a bit taller version. This is one of the resists that I usually use and generally, I lay the wool out to the edge of the lines. The top just happens to be curved because it was a scrap piece of foam that I used.

cozy layout web

Since I wanted this sleeve to be taller, I covered most of the resist, ignoring the lines.

cozy wet down web

Here’s how it looked after one layer of horizontal wool layout. I only did two layers all together.

cozy layout wet down web

And here is the wet down, finished layout. Now I needed to add a bit of embellishment but not too much since I didn’t want it to look “too girly”.

cozy circles added web

So I decided on some lime green circles. I just used roving and shaped it into different sized circles. It probably would have been more exact if I had made prefelt and then cut out the circles but I decided I didn’t want to take the extra time.

cozy felting web

Here it is after rubbing and felting and removing the resist. Still needs to be fulled down to size.

And here it is on the ceramic mug/glass. It’s a snug fit and works great for holding a hot drink now. The only issue is that the design on the mug no longer shows at all. Seems kind of silly to have purchased a mug for its design and then no longer being able to see it.

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