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4th Quarter Challenge: the Making of Elf Boots.

4th Quarter Challenge: the Making of Elf Boots.

Recently Karen Lane did a post on Christmas ornaments.  fourth-quarter-challenge

I thought the elf boots she made were so cute I would have a go at making some for our tree too.

I drew one out the size I wanted then scaled it up.

I traced it. I like this underlay. You can see through it to trace things out. I have some blue stuff that’s opake and I have to cut things out to trace around or work it out, right on the underlay with a marker.

Then I have some “sheep” wool in a batt that was a nice gree so I laid it out wet it and started the rubbing.

I did some rolling with a mini pool noodle and some shelf liner. when it was ready I cut them apart.

I worked them one at a time. you can see the difference between the start and finished.

I have some gold Beada tinsel, non-tarnishing that was probably bought in 1960. It is a thin cord. I used it to make the laces.

having success I decided to make some more. Now, you would think after all this time and the fact that I warn my students about directional shrinkage, I would have known better than to lay the wool (merino top) across the boots because it would be easier to wrap it around. Needless to say, the foot part is much thinner. So perhaps they belong to some clown elves.

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I think I will try it again. They are fiddly to finish but I enjoy having something to do with my hands watching BritBox shows in the evening.

Have you done anything for the 4th quarter challenge? We would love to see them. You can post them over on the forum.

Felt Boots Progress

Felt Boots Progress

I have managed to  finish the first stage of my felt boots. They are now felted. You saw the tongues already.

Next I had to make the loops so I will be able to lace up the boots.

loop barbells

First you make short ropes with fluffy ends

loops felted together

Then you have to felt them into another piece of felt. then I can cut them out to sew them onto the boots.

Then onto felting the boots.

resist on top

You do not wrap all the sides around the resist.

insert tongue

You have to insert the tongues.

boots cut apart

Here they are cut down the middle and you can see me working the back so there will be no ridge.

one boot shrunk

Here is one after fulling bedside the unshrunk boot.

finished stage one

and both boots done, on top of one half the resist.


I have started to make the embellishments.

Have you tried anything new lately?

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