Felt Boots Progress

Felt Boots Progress

I have managed to  finish the first stage of my felt boots. They are now felted. You saw the tongues already. http://wp.me/p1WEqk-16m.

Next I had to make the loops so I will be able to lace up the boots.

loop barbells

First you make short ropes with fluffy ends

loops felted together

Then you have to felt them into another piece of felt. then I can cut them out to sew them onto the boots.

Then onto felting the boots.

resist on top

You do not wrap all the sides around the resist.

insert tongue

You have to insert the tongues.

boots cut apart

Here they are cut down the middle and you can see me working the back so there will be no ridge.

one boot shrunk

Here is one after fulling bedside the unshrunk boot.

finished stage one

and both boots done, on top of one half the resist.


I have started to make the embellishments.

Have you tried anything new lately?

12 thoughts on “Felt Boots Progress

  1. Its all relative Judy. If I did it all in one go I would be at the point in the middle of the second day. If you built the embellishments into the boots that would save a few steps. I think she does it as a 3 day workshop. I like the online class but I think I would enjoy a group class more.

  2. Wow Ann. You’ve really made some progress. Just that first step of making the loops looks like it took forever. The soles are done separately? I love your embellishments, I think they are going to look really nice on the boots.

  3. Wow Ann, there going to look amazing, so much work is it hard to keep them both nice and even, cant wait to see them finished 🙂

    1. It wasn’t to bad along the front and top. I found it harder to keep the cut edge neat. I probably should have felted the cut edge more slowly but at that point I was getting impatient.

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