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Felted Phone Cases

Felted Phone Cases

I have about run out of felted phone cases to sell at the store. I have some larger ones for those “gigantic” phones but needed some smaller ones that fit a smaller phone. I already have a bunch of kits made up for a felted phone class that I ended up not teaching so I used those. The theme for the phone class was “cosmic”. I find with beginner classes it is easier to have the students do similar designs so that people don’t get stuck on what their phone case should look like and work more on the techniques of felting. So these kits were made up to work with a dark sky and planets, moons or stars.

The kits include batts and a few embellishments with different colored wool and some dyed silk noil. Again, for a beginner class I like to keep it simple. So I was just using the supplies I already had made up so it was quick and easy and I didn’t have to get all my wool and embellishments out. Here’s the first layer of batt around the resist.

And here’s the first phone case laid out and wet down.

On to the next one, after I laid out the blue design, I wasn’t sure I really liked it on the background color but decided just to keep going.

And here’s the third layout. I kind of did an “assembly line” for these so I could felt and full them all at once. I didn’t do any rolling, just rubbing. I use a textured black rubber piece under the felt and it speeds up the process a bit.

And here’s all three of the phone cases complete.


And if you’d like to see them a bit larger just click on the individual photo. I have found that having a variety of different sizes works the best for selling these as there are so many brands of phones with so many different sizes, it is hard to get one size to fit all phones.

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