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Another UFO Bites the Dust

Another UFO Bites the Dust

I’m still working on trying to re-do and re-work some old pieces that have just been sitting around the studio.

I found this piece that has been screen printed, stenciled and stitched. I decided to cut it up into smaller sections and make note cards out of it. It needed a background for each card so I found a piece of fabric that I could tear and fray the edges.

Here’s the background fabric. You can see on the left that it was rust screen printed with a design that was originally developed from a birch tree. At some point, I over dyed it, as you can see on the right.

And here are the four cards that I made from the one piece. I used fusible web to stick it all together, I find that to be the quickest, most reliable “glue”.  Now I will put them with an envelope in a clear sleeve and sell them at the store. They fit right in with the fall season.

We took a hike last weekend and the aspen and birch trees were just gorgeous. It’s definitely fall in Montana.

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