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Free Motion Stitched Felt Leaf Cards

Free Motion Stitched Felt Leaf Cards

I wrote a post about these felt leaves on my Permutations in Fiber blog and asked for ideas for what people would do with them. I got loads of good ideas but I decided the easiest one for me to do was making greeting cards out of them as suggested by Terri Berry. Thanks Terri for the great idea.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Leaf Cards

I have lots of colored paper, most from screen printing with thickened dye. Many times I rinse the paper after screen printing so that the dye won’t run if I use other wet media on top. Since I wasn’t going to use any wet media on these, I just left them. They are a much more vibrant hue without rinsing.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Eucalyptus Leaf Card

Each card is different but I mainly used two sets of printed papers.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Rhomboid Leaf Card

I used fusible to attach the paper to the card.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Ovate Leaf Card

I hand stitched the felt leaves down to the paper before fusing.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Oak Leaf Card

I really like how these turned out and that the leaf is not completely attached around the edges.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Falcate Leaf Card

The back side of the felt was printed but didn’t turn out too well. This leaf is the back side of the felt.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Elliptic Leaf CardI looked up different leaf shapes online so I would make a variety. This leaf was inspired by one of Lyn’s (RosiePink) leaf bowls.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Digitate Leaf Card

Here’s the last one with the gold and blue paper.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Palmate Leaf Card

I ran out of the paper I was using so I decided to use this screen printed paper from one of Louise’s deconstructed screens. It really gives a sense of motion to the card, don’t you think? These cards were put into cellophane and will be off to the shop for sale. I’m a little late for autumn but better late than never. Perhaps I should make some felt stitched snowflakes for the winter season?

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